La Controra begins: art, culture and music in the historic center

MACERATA – In the week ahead of the Musicultura finals, concerts, recitals, meetings, debates and readings will start, all with free admission. Among the most anticipated appointments, tomorrow 21 at. 21.15 in Piazza della Libertà, concert by Ron. The detailed program

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The events open to the public in the historic center of Macerata of art, culture and music in La Controra continue in the hot week of the Musicultura festival. Concerts, concerts, meetings, debates, readings (all with free admission), which aims to “intrigue and intrigue a large and heterogeneous audience of enthusiasts with the basic formula of connecting fun with the pleasure of in-depth study,” the memo reads.

Tomorrow, June 21, among the week’s most anticipated events, at 21.15 in piazza delle Libertà Ron in concert with “Non abbiamiamo di parole”, the tour celebrating 50 years of music by the great Italian singer-songwriter among the members of Musicultura’s artistic guarantee committee. For the occasion, Ron will be accompanied by the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra, one of the most famous in our country, conducted by Maestro Giacomo Loprieno and who will see Giuseppe Tassoni at the piano. On the program his timeless classics but also the famous hits that the artist wrote to many colleagues, from “Joe Temerario” to “I would like to meet you in a hundred years”, from “Anima” to “And Italy that goes”, from “Who knows if you know “up to the famous” A city to sing “, which passes through” We do not need words “,” In the middle of the music “,” Beware of the wolf “,” Piazza Grande “,” What will be and of course his latest songs: “More than I loved you” and “I am a son” which will be part of the long-awaited new album coming out this fall. Rons is one of the most important careers on the Italian stage, with a very rich repertoire and one of the most beautiful in songwriting music. Refined and sensitive artist, with his talent and compositional intuitions, he has signed on to many masterpieces and many successes, even for great artists who have stuck in the collective memory. In addition to winning a Sanremo festival in 1996 with “I would like to meet you in a hundred years”, paired with Tosca and a Festival Bar in 1982 with “Anima”, Ron has starred in the biggest music events in Italy, just to mention two, the “Banana Republic” tour with Dalla and De Gregori in 1979 and the “Fab Four Tour” with De Gregori, Pino Daniele and Fiorella Mannoia, in 2002.

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Roberto Piumini

The appointments of La Controra tomorrow, June 21, begin at. 18.00 in Sala Castiglioni at the Municipal Library with the meeting with the author, author and conductor of television programs Roberto Piumini entitled “The sheet folder, when music and poetry court” with Nadio Marenco (accordion) and Ennio Cavalli. Roberto Piumini has published numerous works for children, teenagers and adults, including fairy tales, stories, short stories, novels, poems, poems, lyrics, plays, translations of prose and poetry, and manuscripts. Many of his books have been translated abroad. He has written poetic and theatrical texts on materials of memory, experience, figurative expressions, portraits, photographic images. Author of poetic texts on paintings, graphics, cities and localities, he is also the author and host of television and radio programs.


Michele D’Andrea

At 6.45pm in the courtyard of the Palazzo Buonaccorsi is the deal with Michele D’Andrea, after bewitching the audience at the Sferisterio last year with her story of “The Song of the Italians”. Michele D’Andrea returns to Musicultura with a meeting titled “Skeletons in the Wardrobe – Deeds and Misdeeds of the Hymns of Others”, with the addition of “Song of the Italians”. After a past in the management of the Quirinale, Michele D’Andrea deals with Risorgimento’s history, heraldry, ceremonial and music. He has been part of various commissions, writes and publishes on topics of interest, gives lectures around Italy and is a guest on TV broadcasts and presents band concerts.

Among the other guests expected in the many appointments at La Controra that will be held every day until Saturday 25 June are: Camillo Ricordi, Gino Paoli, “mother” of Geronimo Stilton “Elisabetta Dami, Marianna Aprile, Ennio Cavalli , Massimiliano Civica, Guido Harari, Manuel Agnelli, Ditonellapiaga and the trio Violons Barbares.

The final two nights of the big Musicultura show will be held at Sferisterio on June 24 and 25 live on Rai Radio 1 and will be conducted by Enrico Ruggeri and Veronica Maya. On Friday 24 June, Angelo Branduardi, Litfiba, Ditonellapiaga, DakhaBrakha, Violons Barbares will perform with the eight winning artists in the competition. Saturday the 25th of June is the final of the famous competition on the stage of the festival Manuel Agnelli, Silvana Estrada, Gianluca Grignani, Ilaria Pilar Patassini, and the only performance in Italy by the Irish artist Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra.

Updates on the cast of Musicultura 2022 and the complete program for La Controra are available at Tickets for the last evenings on 24 and 25 June can be purchased at the Vivaticket track and at the Theaters’ ticket office in Piazza Mazzini in Macerata.

Program for La controra 2022, from 20 to 25 June all free events in the historic center of Macerata.

Monday the 20th

at 18.45: Palazzo Buonaccorsi courtyard – Pupi Avati “Dante is me (and also Boccaccio)”, the story of a journey between literature and life. With Ennio Cavalli

at 21.15: piazza della Libertà – Concert by Filippo Graziani singing “Ivan 25”, a tribute to Ivan Graziani twenty-five years after his death. With Tommy Graziani Band

Tuesday the 21st

18 o’clock: Municipal Library (Sala Castiglioni) – Roberto Piumini “The Ark folder when music and poetry court each other”. With Nadio Marenco (accordion) and Ennio Cavalli

at 18.45: Courtyard Palazzo Buonaccorsi – Michele D’Andrea “The Skeletons in the Closet”, dates and deeds of other people’s hymns, with the addition of “The Song of the Italians”

at 21.15: piazza della Libertà – Concert by Ron “We do not need words”. With Ensemble Symphony Orchestra

Wednesday the 22nd

at 12: piazza della Libertà – Andreanne Thiboutot “HoopelaÏ, Hula Hoop Show”

18 o’clock: Municipal Library (Sala Castiglioni) – “Write to Reconstruct, Rumors and Stories After the Earthquake”. Arranged by the Historical Institute of Macerata and the Free University of Anghiari. With Paolo Coppari, Augusto Ciuffetti, Chiara Caporicci, Silvana Nobili, Antonietta Petetti and with Raffaella Baratta, Luis Barreiros, Patrizia Gioia, Venanzina Capuzzi, Patrizia Vita (readings); Roberto Lucanero (musical suggestions), Mauro Pennacchietti (visual suggestions), Irene Teobaldelli (coordination)

at 18.45: Palazzo Buonaccorsi Courtyard – Elisabetta Dami “The world is a blue wolf”, Geronimo Stilton’s “mother” tells about herself as a correspondent for Cherokee. With Ennio Cavalli

at 19.15: piazza della Libertà – Andreanne Thiboutot “HoopelaÏ, Hula Hoop Show”

at 21.15: piazza della Libertà – The winners of Musicultura in concert. Emit, Isotta, Cassandra Raffaele, Valeria Sturba, Themorbelli, Martina Vinci, Yosh Whale, Y0. John Vignola leads

Thursday the 23rd

18 o’clock: Palazzo Comunale courtyard – Ennio Cavalli, narrator, “Prose and poetry as a narrative”. With Aglaia Zannetti

at 18.45: Palazzo Buonaccorsi courtyard – Marianna Aprile “What we really want”. Med Fiamma Sanò

at 21: Palazzo Buonaccorsi courtyard – “Nanni Ricordi, the man who invented records”. Presentation and screening of the documentary by Roberto Manfredi. The following spoke: Gino Paoli, Camillo Ricordi, Francesco Adornato and Claudio Pettinari

at 21.15: piazza Battisti – Concert of the Violons Barbares: Dandanvaarchig Enkhjarval (moorin khoor, harmonic singing), Dimitar Gougov (gadulka) and Fabien Guyot (percussion)

Friday the 24th

18 o’clock: Palazzo Comunale patio – Filippo Ferrari and John Vignola “Podcast and story: instructions for use”

at 19: piazza Battisti – Ditonellapiaga “Face to face”. With John Vignola

at 19: piazza Mazzini (Rai Radio 1 lounge) – Guido Harari “50 years of photographs and meetings”. With Marcella Sullo

Saturday the 25th

at 12: Piazza Mazzini (Rai Radio 1 lounge). Before the grand finale, aperitif meeting with the four main characters in the Musicultura finale in 2022. With Duccio Pasqua, Marcella Sullo, John Vignola. In collaboration with Banca Macerata

18 o’clock: Palazzo Comunale Courtyard – Massimiliano Civica “The Angel and the Fly”. Comments on the theater of the great mystics

at 19: piazza Battisti – Manuel Agnelli “Face to face”. With John Vignola

at 19: piazza Mazzini (Rai Radio 1 lounge) – “Stories of Extraordinary Sound”. With Rodolfo “Foffo” Bianchi

Sferisterio last nights

Friday the 24th: Angelo Branduardi, Litfiba, Ditonellapiaga, DakhaBrakha, Violons Barbares and the eight winning artists in the competition.

Saturday the 25th: finale of the XXXIII edition of the festival: Manuel Agnelli, Silvana Estrada, Gianluca Grignani, Ilaria Pilar Patassini, Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra and the four winning artists who were voted most by the public in the final for the title of overall winner .


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