Kremlin: “Ukraine will be a protracted crisis”

The war in Ukraine: here are the events of the day

9.39 “That in Ukraine will be a protracted crisis,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with US television channel MSNBC, reported by the Russian agency Interfax. During this crisis, the West has shown its true attitude towards Russia, “we will never trust the West again,” he added.

9.32 In recent days, bombings against the city of Kharkiv have intensified, as well as the movements of troops on the border with its region, according to witnesses on the spot, while regional administrator Oleg Synehubov himself confirmed this and specified that yesterday Russian attacks caused 3 civilian deaths in various population centers in the area. On Monday, the air alarm sirens rang several times in the city. According to Synehubov, quoted by the Ukrainian press, multi-launch missile systems are being used, which in the last few hours have hit targets “in the industrial zone and in educational institutions”. In Ukraine’s second city, he noted, live about half the population that was there before the invasion, or about 700 thousand people, today.

9.07 The majority meeting on the resolution to be presented on the occasion of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s announcements for the European Council on 23 and 24 June has begun in the Palazzo Cenci of the Senate European Commission. The government is represented by the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Incà, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vincenzo Amendola.

8.47“The longer the war lasts, the harder it is to compete for the attention of hundreds of millions of people in different countries. But I will do everything possible to keep the attention on Ukraine from disappearing,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said yesterday. quoted by Ukrinform. “The Russian invading forces continue to bomb Ukrainian cities, showing that Russia is an evil that can only be stopped on the battlefield,” he added.

8.24 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s intervention at the next NATO summit, to be held in Madrid on 29 and 30 June, will be in videoconference. This was confirmed by Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of the presidential office, who put an end to speculation on the subject (if he had been taken to Madrid, it would have been the first time that Zelensky had left Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion). The Ukrainian president speaks at the first session, the first. The Madrid Summit, which will see the participation of 40 world leaders, member and host countries and 5,000 participants, should set the course for the military alliance for the next decade, at a time of very high geo-strategic tension due to Russian invasion from Ukraine. Zhovkva also confirmed that President Zelensky will deliver a speech at the G7 summit.

7.42 Last month, a U.S. citizen died in fighting in Ukraine: Stephen Zabielski, 52, was killed on May 15, an obituary published in The Recorder, a local newspaper in the state of New York, said. The news was confirmed by the State Department, and according to the Washington Post, he is the second American to die in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began. Zabielski, who was from New York and moved to Florida in recent years, leaves behind his wife, five adopted children and a grandson. The State Department has again warned Americans against going to Ukraine.

7.25 More than 1,500 Ukrainian civilians have been detained in Russian prisons, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said yesterday during a news conference, according to the Kyiv Independent. “They are in Rostov, in Kursk, they are in prison, they are being held as prisoners of war, even though they should not be,” Vereshchuk stressed, adding that among the civilians are priests, volunteers, activists, journalists and leaders of local authorities. Ukrainians.

2.07 Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov’s Nobel Peace Prize medal was auctioned in New York for $ 103 million. The profits go to UNICEF to help children displaced by the war in Ukraine. Muratov, who was awarded the gold medal in October 2021, co-founded the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. He was editor-in-chief of the publication when it closed in March due to the Kremlin’s crackdown on journalists.

0.25 “After four months of large-scale warfare, the Italian Danieli is still cooperating with the Russian factories, supplying equipment for the production of nuclear submarines and tanks for tanks,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said today on its official Twitter account. “Supporting the Russian military complex is against legal and moral considerations,” the ministry said.

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