In Obolon (Ukraine) opened the first “Punto Aibi” for children col

In the district of Obolon, north of Kiev, the first of the Aibi points, born in Ukraine, has opened: safe spaces, free of rubble and war devices, where children can find peace and support from specialized staff to face the post traumatic stress syndrome

The idea had been in the making for some time, but if the organization of a complex and articulated project is not so immediate in peacetime, one can well imagine what it might be like when war rages around. It is therefore with even greater satisfaction that the Amici dei Bambini Association announces that the adventure of the first has officially begun Aibi Point in Ukraine: a safe, colorful place, free from clutter of war and accessible along a mine-cleared path, where children can spend their days in an environment as peaceful as possible, with educators, entertainers and specialized staff. cope with the terrible PTSD.
The day of the inauguration was highly anticipated by all, hence the Aibi staff. have thought of arranging special activities, also inviting mothers to do something with their children so that people can see how the Aibi point is organized and what activities are being organized for their children.

An activity to cement the complicity between mothers and children

“Specifically, the proposed activity was to sew a small pillow with different pieces of fabric – emphasizes Aibi – using materials such as holofiber (an artificial polyester), peas, wheat and barley for upholstery. Upholstery. It was touching to see how mothers showed their (mostly male) children, how to use the needle with care and patience and to observe attention and enthusiasm children in making this product with their mothers “.
“Subsequently – the association continues – the children moved to the gym, where an animator, instructor of Qì Gōng (a discipline that mixes exercises related to traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, promotes meditation and concentration), immersed in a magical world of play and movement. Meanwhile, thanks to the relaxed atmosphere favored by the sewing activity, the mothers were gently accompanied by the psychologist to share experiences during this war period and reveal their feelings. The day then ended with the start of create a treesymbol of Friends of Children, made of squares of colored paper that each child participating in the activities will cut out and attach with them by all the others: a set of ‘dots’ that make up a drawing full of stories and life “.

Aibi Points and other activities performed in Ukraine

The day was very meaningful and exciting, and given the precious commitment that was also created with mothers, it was decided that other similar meetings should be arranged in the future as well.
That of Obolona large district in the northern part of the city of Kiev, is the first Aibi point which officially opens its doors, but others will follow in the coming weeks, to bring support and welcome to an increasing number of minors and families. “One must actually keep in mind that the war forced about two-thirds of Ukrainian minors to flee: in addition 5 mio of people who have sought security across borders or have been displaced while staying inside Ukraine, ”he recalls. For all of them, Aibi is developing several activities a Odessa, Karapyshi And Stepashkyin addition to those of Volodarka, with weekly visits to those who until before the war were recipients of the remote adoption project as well as to the new recipients who moved to the area on the run from other less secure places in the country. In total, the recipients that Aibi intends to reach through its interventions in Ukraine are over a thousand.

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