“Health and Prevention in the Tour Summer Edition”, the culture of prevention


A trip on the Salerno coast to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and provide helpful advice. This is the aim of the “Health and Prevention in Tour Summer Edition” initiative, the only travel event of its kind in Italy, dedicated to accurate information in the health sector, which will affect several maritime sites between July and August, with particular reference to the city’s main beaches. . The initiative is promoted by the Verrengia Centers in Salerno, a health brand in the area, with the protection of the municipality of Salerno, Hygieia – Mutualistic Association of Banca Campania Centro and the Italian Association of Pediatricians in the Salerno section. Technical partner Humanitas Salerno. The idea was born after the pandemic emergency from Covid-19, which has significantly reduced citizens’ prevention activities, increased population mortality or disease, with costs incurred by the national health system. Each stage, which starts on Saturday 2 July, provides a day dedicated to the subject of health with the presence of doctors and experts from different health branches (eg the following are mentioned: dermatology, osteopathy, gastroenterology, psychology, urology, orthopedics, dental care, cardiology, gynecology) able to provide citizens with useful preventive advice and proper lifestyle. Several bathing establishments have joined the initiative, which starts from Lido Sea Garden and lasts until the beginning of September with stops at Lido Eureka, Lido Beach Sport, Lido Lido, Lido Aurora, Lido JBeach, Lido Beach93, while they are scheduled stops other locations, such as free beaches, must be defined with the event partners. “We considered it our duty to act as interlocutors between citizens and health by promoting an event that can bring people affected by the health emergency closer to prevention,” said Dr. Domenico Verrengia, owner of the Verrengia Centers. A practice that, given the hand, is being dramatically neglected and needs to be brought back to the right priority. ” To make the honor, it was the Councilor for Tourism, Alessandro Ferrara, and the City Councilor and President of the Budget Commission, Fabio Polverino. “I applaud the Verrengia Centers for this commendable initiative – said Ferrara – who see many excellence together, such as Humanitas, which makes a significant contribution to the citizens. Not only to Salerno, but also to tourists arriving in the city during the summer months.” “This initiative is unique in its kind – said Fabio Polverino – and will allow the city’s citizens and tourists to take advantage of free consultations to prevent the onset of disease. As an administration, we have welcomed this travel event as we will accompany step by step “. “The trip sees us as always with the Verrengia Centers – said Roberto Schiavone from Favignana, President of Humanitas Salerno – I believe that expertise must be gathered to offer a service to the citizen, as in this case. Health and prevention must be the key words of this Salerno summer “.” Covid has produced worrying data on prevention, both in Italy and of course in Salerno – explained Dr. Massimo De Maio – An almost homogeneous trend that today shows a slight improvement, both from an information point of view and also in terms of accessibility of Institutions. The data tell us that in these two years we have reached a peak of 87% of waivers or cancellations of any visit related to prevention. In fact, the Hygieia – Mutualistic Association of Banca Campania Centro, led by President Virgilio Vestuti, has also lined up with the Verrengia Centers: “We are really happy, like Hygieia, to take part in this unique initiative – he began in his speech – For our part, we will arrange an important stage dedicated to our members “.

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