Guastalla sports uniforms delivered to Ukrainian children as part of the “Fuoriclasse” crowdfunding project

A football and a sports uniform with shirt, shorts and bib for the children who fled the war in Ukraine. This is the “Fuoriclasse” project launched by Associazione Psicoatleti Asd together with Unione dei Comuni Bassa Reggiana, a crowdfunding campaign launched on the #Ginger platform in early May 2022.

This morning at the Pala Chiarelli Donati – Palazzetto dello Sport in Guastalla, the materials purchased with the collection were delivered to Ukrainian children attending the summer sports camps in Lower Reggiana, accompanied by the local sports associations that have joined the organized crowdfunding campaign. of the Association of Psycho-Athletes.

Present were Camilla Verona, President of the Lower Reggiana Union, Matteo Benassi, Councilor for Youth Policies of the Union of Municipalities, and some members of Snp Psicoatleti, initiators of the crowdfunding campaign, including Vice President Edoardo Rosso. Among the sports clubs that joined the initiative were:

AC Boretto, Polisportiva San Marco, Viadana Basket, Rugby Guastalla, Polisportiva AICS Guastalla, Saturno Sport & Fun and USD Audax Poviglio

Camilla Verona emphasized the value of the crowfounding campaign, which was a great success and exceeded all expectations. € 4,500 of the desired € 3,000 was raised and reached 150% of the achieved goal, thanks to 87 followers. The President of the Union then emphasized “the importance of this initiative for the inclusion of Ukrainian children through sport as an opportunity to meet and overcome boundaries and differences”.

Matteo Benassi began with words of welcome in the Ukrainian language. “Sports-like music has no boundaries. It is a universal language. Thanks to Psicoatleti we have carried out a territory operation. Where adults see boundaries, you see children opportunities, bridges and thanks to the summer camps hosted by Ukrainian children, you perform an operation of great value ”.

Edoardo Rosso, Vice President of Psicoatleti, explained who the association is and what it does, the walks it organizes and the benefits of these trails “Develop humility, curiosity and confidence, overcome fear, confidence, make new acquaintances. Walking shows When the war broke out, we asked ourselves what we could do to help those who are in serious difficulties right now. We have been thinking about sports, offering sports materials to make this summer an opportunity for comparison and true inclusion between children and young people who have different experiences and speak a different language. We have been overwhelmed by the donations. Within ten days we had already reached our goal and even exceeded it. made it possible to quickly raise the necessary funds for this project. But in addition, I hope that everyone this summer can make their contribution to inclusion, spend carefree moments, speak the language of sport. “


The conflict that is ravaging Ukraine has led to thousands of children and young people having to leave their homes and their normalcy overnight. Thousands of minors, accompanied and unaccompanied, have taken refuge in Italy. The Union of Lower Reggiana Municipalities alone hosts over a hundred. The “Fuoriclasse” project was born thanks to Psicoatleti, an amateur sports association dedicated to walking and culture, in collaboration with the Unione Bassa Reggiana and with all the sports associations in the area that organize sports fields for children and teenagers in the summer.

The goal is, through the universal language of the sport, to encourage the inclusion of the many children who are forced to leave their homes, giving them the minimum of light-heartedness that all children are entitled to.

A small gesture was enough to support this solidarity initiative. Through the Ginger platform, it was possible to make a donation until May 31 to donate a football, basketball, rugby or volleyball ball and a sports uniform consisting of t-shirt, shorts and bib to all Ukrainian child refugees in Lower Reggiana.

The project was operationally managed by the local sports associations: among others USD Audax Poviglio, ASD Rugby Guastalla 2008, Polisportiva AICS Guastalla ASD, APD Gymansium Villarotta, ASD Progetto Intesa All Camp, ASD Novellara Sportiva, Saturno Sport & Fun, AC Boretto, Polisportiva San Marco , Viadana Basket.

“Fuoriclasse” fundraising campaign

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