Fort – We are all children again


Have you ever owned a wooden house? A cave or a secret refuge, perhaps built with your hands, collect good luck pieces and collect it at the bad parade. If so: you will still remember the magic of being a child, and how the four pieces of rusty metal scrap, cut wood, bare electrical wires, might have been a real death trap, but in our eyes they looked like a real castle. Or maybe a fort.

Game mechanics

Fort is a deck building published in Italy by MS editions. The goal of the game is to create the coolest fort of all, so many, many kids feel like coming and playing with us.
How to do? Well, of course, to fill our fort with things that everyone wants to play with: to attract new friends who want to join our best, and why not steal them from others.

We start with ua hand of eight cards, from which we extract the first five, and which we can play at will: the cards correspond to actions, which can not always be done, as we will have to check their requirements (for example, have a certain number of resources available). The actions are divided into public and private: the former can be “copied” by the other players and discard a card with the same symbol.

All the cards that are not played correspond to children that we have not involved in the games and for this they end up in the yard where they can be “stolen” by the other players. Those who are played, on the other hand, go to the discard pile, from where they will then be picked up when the pile runs dry.
This rule can be remedied with “best friends“: Two cards that, if not played, do not go to the yard, but to the discard pile, and” hide “our friends inside the fort. The bigger it is, the more we can hide from other players’ evil hands.

The resources I have talked about are none other than delicious wooden tokens represented slices of pizza and toys. With these we can do everything: earn victory points and upgrade our fort. Enriching the fort means that you can increase the capacity of the backpack (in which extra resources can be invested), hide more children and, above all, earn victory points.
To do this, however, we must first have enough resources available (the higher the level, the more it will cost to upgrade it further) and above all the actions available on the maps.

These mechanics may seem a little complicated at first, but in reality it only takes a few twists to get into the logic and blow away one fight after another.


In the box, substantial but elegantwe find:

  • 8 children’s cards
  • 20 invented rule / reward cards
  • First player card
  • 1 macaroni sculpture card
  • 4 player boards
  • Victory point course
  • 30 pizza tokens (wood)
  • 30 toy tokens (wood)
  • 4 Fort tokens (wood)
  • 4 score tokens (wood)
  • 4 Summary tab
  • 1 Regulations

The components are really nice: To be a card-based (and deckbuilding) game, great emphasis has been placed on all elements. In particular, the player boards are double-layered with the option of inserting pizza tokens and toys in special accommodation. It’s one of the things that always makes me appreciate the contents of a box.

If you want to take a closer look at the content, you can consult our unboxing on Facebook.

To protect the Fort maps, they are necessary 22 protective bagsand 67x44mm and 68 envelopes of 63x88mm size.


Fort it really convinced me: it has simple and immediate rules and the amount of symbols is not excessive: I played it with my daughters and they immediately became familiar with it, a few rounds was enough to get into the game’s perspective and start gives itself battle to the sound of pizzas and toys.

And you? Have you ever owned a wooden house? If you did not have it, you definitely wanted it. And Fort finally gives it to you.

Nerdando in short

Fort it makes us all kids again.

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