FantaMunicipio # 36: focus on public housing

Continue to resolve the issue social housing after a week, the news episode that affected via Bolla, a black hole in the Gallaratese area. A great struggle between dozens of people grazing in the area: many of these live in illegal conditions. Now the prefecture has ordered ongoing monitoring by the police pending the final redevelopment project, which allows for the demolition of some buildings and for others the use of the 110% bonus.

At the same time, Aler announced the announcement of the tender for the rebuilding of the towers in via Russoli, in the Famagosta area. Another project where we do not know either the start date of the construction sites or the duration. We still trust that we are patient.

FantaMunicipio # 36: What to do for public housing?

City Hall 1

We’re there for the former Traversi Class 8

The rebuilding of the former Garage Traversi, a rationalist jewel from the thirties by architect Giuseppe De Min, who has been extraordinarily reopened to Fuorisalone with the exhibition Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades, is almost complete (there is still no encroachment on the interior). After twenty years of inactivity, the first multi-storey garage in Milan without ramps is ready to become a commercial area for luxury retail and food. Good news also for the magnificent Via Bagutta that overlooks it.

City Hall 2

New basketball court – 8.5 rating

social housingCompletely remodeled the basketball court in via Sammartini, next to the main train station, thanks to sponsor Oakley, a brand from the Luxottica group. In the coming weeks, the public park near the square will also be rebuilt with new infrastructure dedicated to families, children and the elderly. The goal is to keep the field and the area around it as good as new: long-term maintenance is key. Excellent news for an area that is under renewal.

City Hall 3

The future Buenos Aires Class 9

social housingThree years ago there was one bicycle for every twenty-five cars, today one for every two cars. Councilor for Mobility Arianna Censi is therefore working on the final rebuilding project for the track. We will start counting pedestrians to evaluate a widening of the sidewalks and we are talking to traders and residents. Via the parking spaces, the loading / unloading node remains. Meanwhile, the green turning point begins: the first thirty potted trees between via Petrella and via Pergolesi and a curb to the bike path.

City Hall 4

Ortomercato Inspection – Grade 8

social housingInspection of the municipality 4, in the presence of President Stefano Bianco, at the Milano Ortomercato. Over the next few years, the municipality’s largest production reality will see a significant expansion: from 160 thousand square meters of operating area to 350 thousand, which transforms itself into a multiservice hub modeled on large European markets. The new pavilions will guarantee increased operation and quality of service for the benefit of citizens and the catering sector.

City Hall 5

Green on piazza Carrara – Rating 7.5

social housingFollowing the abandonment of the project for the underground car park, which would have canceled 3,000 square meters of green, the town hall took an interest in the adjacent area designated as former Cimep, in a state of neglect to secure it and avoid abuse. After inspection, a remediation intervention was needed: cutting of weeds, demolition of walls, removal of debris and asphalt. The whole area becomes a single green park: completion of the work before the end of the year.

City Hall 6

The race via Russoli – class 8

social housingThe renovation of the Aler towers in via Russoli is about to begin. In fact, the tender for the conversion has been announced, although at present it has not been announced when the construction site will start, nor its duration. Energy rehabilitation, a layer of rice waste condensed in insulation panels (which will create a vertical green wall), gardens and kitchen gardens on the roofs to create sociality and replace the existing windows. 14 million euros have been set aside for the work.

City Hall 7

Supervision of the parks – Grade 7.5

social housingApproved the proposal to reintroduce the surveillance service (by the local police and the ecological guards) in the parks in Municipality 7 with the aim of contrasting illegal and illegal phenomena. Particular emphasis was placed on Parco delle Cave, Parco di Trenno, Bosco in Città and the park in via Noale. Let’s move to the Inganni area, where the reconstruction of Annarummaparken’s playground has begun with the funds set aside for extraordinary maintenance.

City Hall 8

Something is moving in the bubble – 8th grade

social housingAfter the maxi fight, which attracted the attention of local and national media, the prefecture has ordered continuous monitoring of via Bolla. The most complicated societal conditions are 38-40-42, where individual cases of illegal activity will be assessed with in-depth analyzes by the Guardia di Finanza and protection of fragility. So get started, with already funded interventions, for the reorganization. For blocks 38-42, the hypothesis is to keep the perimeter walls and tear down the interior, for the others the goal is to get a bonus of 110%.

City Hall 9

Third Subsidiarity Assembly – Vote 8

social housingThe rally in Piazza Schiavone, in the presence of municipal president Anita Pirovano, the municipal council for environment and mobility Mario Esposito and the municipal council for safety Marco Granelli, highlighted some problems: the traffic on Piazzale Lugano, the lack of roundabout in via Cosenz and the absence of sports facilities. Good news: the process of a possible affiliation with Villa Pogliani has begun to prevent it from being turned into a supermarket.

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