Expo 2030, Rome race. “Culture, science and technology, innovation to improve the world”

PARIS – “Rome is the gateway to the world”. “Rome the City of Desires”. And above all, Rome, a breeding ground for culture, science and technology, because in the Eternal City “we promote innovation to improve the world”.

THE VIA AL BIE It went live this morning a Paris the race to assign the organization of Expo 2030, with the three cities in the bud (Rome, the Korean Busan, the Saudi Riyadh, while Odessa is iexpon stand-by for the war issue), which illustrated the spirit of their candidacy. And at the annual meeting of Bie (Bureau international des Expositions, which oversees the event), the Italian capital for once preferred to overshadow its vast natural heritage of art, culture and beauty and aim – to host the event in 8 years. Tor Vergata and convince the 170 member states of the BIE – all about its ability to reinvent itself and offer the world models for development.

Expo Rome, the model in Paris: universities and companies, the Campidoglio plan

STRATEGY It is no coincidence that Ambassador Giampiero Massolo, Chair of the Organizing Committee, explained: “People and Territories: Urban Renewal, Inclusion and Innovation, is the theme we have chosen, based on the need to regenerate the territories we live in, in the light of green and digital transformations. Rome has rethought and reinvented itself throughout its history: it has a tradition of openness, universalism, inclusion, and polycentrism. It has one of the largest green belts in the world, a very deep interweaving between landscape and “urban”, which today represents an important element of modernity ». Without forgetting the international spirit of Caput Mundi: “I have Rome as my homeland, but as a man I have the world; so said Marcus Aurelius of the Eternal City. A city that has its roots in its glorious past, but which is open and open to the world. The capital of a country that has always been committed to building partnerships, including on a multilateral basis, in order to jointly overcome the challenges we are universally faced with, as we see the UN 2030 agenda as a beacon for our action “.

THE AMBASSADORS This morning at Bie, each of the three candidate countries had twenty minutes to convince the permanent members of the goodness of their project. Italy has chosen to begin its presentation with a video that focuses precisely on Rome’s ability to include different people and be the crossroads of cultural exchanges with all areas of the world. “Here we promote innovation to improve the world”, perhaps the most successful slogan is not accidental. Then it was the turn of gymnast Elena Santoni, one of the “ambassadors of the candidacy”, to tell through her redemption story the spirit of the race for Rome Expo 2020: that is, “resilience, perseverance, never give up, knowing how to seize opportunities Another witness who, however, attended by posting a video, was the last banker and father of microcredit, Muhammad Yunus. The Nobel laureate sided with Italy in this campaign. games “to create the” Three Zero Club “: zero emissions, zero poverty and zero unemployment with an alternative and sustainable economic and social model.” Rome can inspire change to create a new world and involve the youngest in this mission “.

Maurizio Veloccia and the candidacy for Expo 2030: “Two trams and a mega park, that’s how Tor Vergata will change”

DEADLINES In September, the Roman Promotions Committee will present the final project on the candidacy of the BIE, with the Bureau’s vote in the autumn of 2023. Something more will already be understood on July 20 with the General States of Expo, opened by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio . To announce the event, there will be a show with Danilo Rea and Claudio Baglioni on July 18 in the Foreign Ministry club and above all a big concert in September with the big names of Italian music in the Auditorium Cavea. But in this calendar, the crucial time will be in early January, when a BIE delegation is expected for inspection. And hopefully by then the city has been cleared of rubbish and burning buses. Ambassador Massolo concludes: “We have already begun to involve our partners fully and directly in joint projects and initiatives. Rome Expo 2030 is a journey that we want to make together with those who want to join us ». Now it’s up to diplomacy.

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