election of schools until 11 July

Applications can be submitted from June 21 to July 11 for the selection of schools for inclusion in the school ranking (GI) of teachers after the update of the ranking until exhaustion (GAE) for the three-year school year 2022/2025.

The Ministry of Education has released the functions for electronic submission of applications for deployment / updating of offices with a view to admission to the first stage of school ranking. Therefore, teachers included in GAE can choose the educational institutions, also in another province.

Let’s see in detail how to apply to choose schools for inclusion in IMs after updating GAE.


With note no. 23579 of June 20, 2022, the Ministry of Education has actually announced that teachers included in GAE can submit the online application for school selection to first-rate school rankings. In practice, the applicants who have participated in the GAE update procedure, with the aim of determining the ranking when the teaching staff is exhausted, are valid for school three years 2022/2023, 2023/2024 and 2024/2025and who wish to be included in the school rankings 2022/25, can submit an application for election of educational institutions.

On the basis of the provisions of Ministerial Order No. 60 of 10 March 2022, which regulates the updating of GAE and the placements of 1st tier institutes, applications for admission to the 1st tier IMs, through the choice of schools, must be submitted in telematic state.


Candidates have the right to choose, with a view to inclusion in the first parentheses of the school’s rankings, same province or another province than the one where they appear included in the rankings until exhaustion. On the other hand, for those who are included in the order of two provinces when exhausted, the province for inclusion in the rankings in the 1st parentheses must coincide with the one chosen for the purpose of assigning deputies. The province of inclusion in the first parenthesis of the school shall coincide with that chosen for inclusion in the provincial rankings of substitutes (GPS) and in the related rankings in brackets II and III.


Teachers who have participated in the update of GAE and want to apply to be included in the first level IM can choose up to a a maximum of 20 educational institutions in the selected province.

Kindergartens and primary schools are an exception that you can choose for at most 10 schools of which a maximum of 2 didactic circles. Substitute candidates in kindergartens and primary schools can give up to max 7 institutesof which 2 didactic circles and 5 comprehensive institutes where they are available to accept short replacements up to 10 days with special and fast procedures for questioning and service taking.


Applications for selection of schools for inclusion in the first parenthesis of the school rankings for teachers included in the GAE must be submitted from kl. 9.00 on 21 June 2022 until kl. 23.59 on 11 July 2022. Applications must be completed and submitted online only through the specific feature available on the MIUR platform for online bodies (POLIS – Online Presentation of Institutions), accessible directly from the MIUR web portal via the path Topics and services> School> Recruitment and service of school staff> Final rankings.

To access the compilation of the application, it is necessary to have the identification information for the public digital identity system (SPID) or the electronic identity card (CIE), or alternatively a valid user for access to the services available in the reserved area by the Ministry, with the specific qualification for the Online Instances (POLIS) service. We make this practical guide available to you with all the information on how to access the portal.


For all information on updating GAE and GI for the three-year school year 2022/2025, read this in-depth analysis. In addition, on our page reserved for teachers, you will find all information about recruitments, competitions and rankings for teachers, including the lists of preliminary rankings (GAE) and final rankings (GAE) for all regions and provinces, which you can download and consult.

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