Dual project to allow foreign women to improve their Italian and study our laws and our culture

“To give foreign women the opportunity, in possession of a residence permit and with a basic knowledge of our language, to improve their Italian and study our laws and our culture. This is the goal of this new path, which I wanted to pursue thanks to the cooperation with the International Women’s House.It is an experimental model, designed ad hoc for women who are regularly present on our territory and who have difficulty integrating but who want to be part of our community.I think That this path is the best way to integrate and become proud Italian citizens over time “.

Thus, the municipal council for education, family and equal opportunities, Nicole Matteoni, presented today (Tuesday, June 21), during a press conference, held in the town hall of the municipal building, “Active Italian Project. Language courses and citizenship” which addresses a a dozen foreign women, in possession of a residence permit and with at least level A1 knowledge of our language, working or looking for work.At the meeting were also the President of the International Women’s House, Patrizia Saina, the Treasurer Adriana Causi and the volunteer Mariam Dires.

The course is free, includes two weekly lessons of one and a half hours in the evening (hypothetically 17.30 – 19.00) and aims to promote a better introduction to the urban structure of the participants, learning Italian culture, active knowledge of professional field, socio-family, institutional, economic and social reality, and finally the possible preparation for taking an examination for the certification of linguistic-communicative competence in Italian as L2, level A2 or B1. The activities will take place at the headquarters of the Casa delle donne social promotion association in via Pisoni 3 in Trieste. Involvement of an L2-certified teacher, specialists for active citizenship paths (social workers, health workers, experts in educational services, etc …) and voluntary members of the Support Association are provided for the teacher or in accompaniment outside the office of active citizenship paths.

The training offer will be organized both as a frontal lesson and with individual and group exercises. The active citizenship paths will take place in the classes, but specific training meetings will also be organized on topics that require particularly in-depth analysis. Visits to social or health facilities or administrative services can be activated, both collectively and in response to the needs of individual trainees. At the end of the semester module, the students receive, after having participated in at least 80% of the teaching, a certificate of participation with an assessment of the degree achieved.

To gain access to the course, it will be necessary to send the registration application to the association (for contact information see the website www.casainternazionaledonnetrieste.org). The association will contact the applicants to arrange a meeting in order to assess their knowledge, language skills and motivations. A preliminary ranking for admission will then be prepared. Applications for registration that arrive late or when the activity has already begun will in any case be subject to: The association assesses from case to case if and when it is possible to be included in the course. The award of the service ends on 31/12/2022.

Also during the press conference, City Councilor Nicole Matteoni presented the announcement of “Gender and Youth Stereotypes”, intended for primary and secondary schools, as well as vocational schools in the city, with the aim of stimulating students to present projects that can, among other things. to develop an alternative culture, contrary to gender stereotypes, to promote and promote women’s personal self-fulfillment in society.

Each department will by 31 July this year be able to participate in a project to be presented via PEC for Trieste Municipality – General Secretariat, Human Resources Service – Organizational Wellness PO, Equal Opportunities, Equality Organs and Health Monitoring at the address: comune.trieste@certgov.fvg.it The subject of the e-mail must contain the following wording: “Gender and youth stereotypes” competition notice. A special selection committee will evaluate the 3 most deserving projects and award them the sum of € 500.00 each based on the following parameters: a. Compliance with the objectives of the Communication; b. the originality of the proposal; c. the value of the transmitted message; d. communicative efficiency; And. feasibility of the project;

The call with its attachments is published on Trieste Municipality’s website in the thematic section Equal Opportunities / Latest News at the following link:

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