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Let the children and the pure of heart return to their rooms. It’s the big time. Men in suits. Who does not sweat and who is responsible

Maybe he will not have abolished poverty, which he happily announced from the balcony of Palazzo Chigi in 2018, but Luigi Di Maio, born of Avellino in 1986, Foreign Minister of the Italian Republic, former political leader of the 5-star movement, one thing has managed to abolish the. He managed to abolish utopia, what was left of a naive, immature, even dangerous dream, the crazy idea of ​​a society capable of disturbing itself, of improving itself, breaking down old logic and tired refrains. With this evening’s speech, Di Maio has definitely canceled the few still-lit torches from those who did not want to resign until the end of a real passion, of a failed revolution, but still possible. The end of love for an idea, for a project, for a flight as ambitious as it is desperate. Yet so true, at least in dreams. The words Di Maio chose to abandon the movement in which he was born and to which he owes everything sound like a pragmatic reminder. A rude awakening. Dear activists, now the jokes are enough. Enough with Vaffadays and enough with the cry ‘honesty’. Enough with streaming every hour and enough with respect for the guru who dreamed of a world of free men. Also free to make mistakes. Enough with Rousseau, enough to caress the end of the euro, enough with the myth of Casaleggio. Enough with the repayment of salaries and enough with the limitation of the double mandate.
Parliament is not a can of sardines and one is not worth one. Now the children, the naive, the pure of heart, can step aside. Now the big ones are playing. Politics is a serious game. No, no, war is not a serious game. It’s politics that is. A difficult game for adults. And the adults do not care. First comes NATO, then Europe and then Italy. Or rather, NATO comes first, then comes Europe and then comes Mario Draghi, who represents NATO and Europe.

The air has changed for some time, face to face with which Bersani was mocked, an innocent symbol of an old and outdated policy, is just a memory, but now it is the definitive turning point. From this evening there is no way back.

Go back to your children’s rooms. Let the activists return to their rooms, which in the suburban municipal councils with a refund of 100 euros or a little more a month have taken complaints and insults for the 5-star dream. Pasdaran anti pidioti, anti Pdl minus L, Di Battista fans and those who still believe that racism is a disease that those who rule in the Arcore area return to their rooms. They disappear with their childish insults and their ruined vitality. It’s the big time. Men in suits. Who does not sweat, who does not break down, and who is responsible. Responsible for all Italians, mind you. Not their careers, which are not the case. Imagine. May the last miraculous people return to their rooms, those who landed in the Folketing or in the regional councils by virtue of the collective dream that for some years has united every third voter. Enjoy the last few months of their pay and do not complain. They have already received their reward.
It’s the adults ‘time, the adults’ time. Of the citizenship income which does not abolish poverty, but which allows for a minimum consensus pool to be re-elected. Or at least hopefully.
It is Di Maio’s time, the man who responsibly abolished utopia. Actually worse. Which showed that that utopia never existed, but that it was just a bluff. Immediately. Since the first day.
Giuseppe Leonelli


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La Pressa editorial staff

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