Milan – It’s time for report cards, grades and exams: a time of great stress and excitement for parents and children that can ruin the self-esteem of our children and teenagers.
And a few days from the start of the high school exams (the first exam will be held on June 22) for about 540,000 students from schools across Italy, here are the aspects not to be underestimated and the tips on how to best cope , by families and teachers, this delicate and very important phase of life.

photo Sandro Marenco at The Day of Self-Esteem Dove

“We must be careful because the school can create, discover and nurture the self-esteem of children and young people, but also destroy it” – said Sandro Marenco, the “social prof” most loved in Italy, speaks to “The Day of Self-Esteem” by Dove, which took place on June 15 in Milan. “A bad grade can come as a slap in the face, a blow if there is no written judgment behind it that can convey a feeling to the student and make him reflect. Children, especially young people, play and live by emotions and reducing all the work of teachers to one class is neither good nor useful to anyone. I always tell my students that the character does not define you, it does not say who you are in life, but only how you coped with the task with that topic at the exact time. It must therefore be experienced as the level of verification of the specific performance and not of oneself “.

And it is essential that this important message also reaches out to parents who often experience a bad character taken by their children with great bitterness and frustration.
“We can not believe that school and family work alone, they must be united and work synergistically to help children build and develop their self-esteem” – explained Marenco, professor of English, German and support at a scientific high school in Alessandria . . “And we teachers must always remember that our task is not to but to try to educate children and young people with our words, our actions and our non-actions. We must create and promote in them a culture of respect and love for the beauty that exists in art, literature, but also in small things, without turning this research into obsession “.

So what should you advise the children who are going to the exam and thus end their school cycle?
“I greeted my 5 boys a few days ago” – said Marenco, concluding his speech on the stage of the Dove event dedicated to self-esteem – “told them that the only thing I hope in life is to have inspired them to create something wonderful and unique. Only then can a teacher actually acknowledge that he has done his job really well. “

“Self-Esteem Day” was held as a free event and open to the public – which for its social value also achieved protection of the Municipality of Milan – on June 15 in Milan and was created by Dove to celebrate the value of self-esteem and the fundamental role it plays in the lives of all of us.
Organized as part of the “Dove Self-esteem Project” (globally active in 150 countries with the aim of helping 250 million children and young people improve their self-esteem by 2030 through an education program that is free and accessible to all), represented a momentary discussion and awareness of various issues related to the value of self-esteem, from the role of the family and school to toxic words related to beauty on social media, from stereotypes about perfection to the value of inclusiveness.
Experts and celebrities from the world of social networking met in 3 different panels, including psychotherapist Stefania Andreoli, Nick Cerioni, Valentina Dallari, Benedetta De Luca, The Pozzolis Family, Oxana Lipka, Sandro Marenco, Luciano Spinelli, Carly Tommasini, Beatrice Valli and Sara Ventura.
The event can be seen in its entirety at the following link:

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