Coway Airmega air purifier: Amazon deals you must not miss

The feeling of breathe clean air it is invaluable and becomes a necessity for those who suffer from the most common allergies like those with dust or pollen. For this reason air purifier represents a useful solution and is an appliance that is increasingly present in our homes, also to eliminate them typical pollutants in citiessuch as fine dust, mold oi volatile organic compounds (VOCs) considered to be hazardous to health.

The air purifier Coway Airmega 300s with smart features, but it has an extra gear. In fact, it combines the usability of the device connected via Wireless Internet to the smartphone (or to any home automation system) to Nordic style design. As they say: even the eye wants its share, and this type of design fits well into almost any home, and that’s a big advantage: it’s not easy to find beautiful appliances that “do not collide” with the furniture in our houses. The company that produces the Airmega air purifier, Coway was born in 1989 in South Korea and has done aesthetic research for its characteristic feature that falls throughout the production, so that today it is able to give its units the design we need .

Coway Airmega air purifier: technical characteristics

The air purifier Coway Airmega 300s it is a device with not excessively large dimensions: 53 cm in height and 34 cm in width and length. Apparently it looks like a small bedside table or coffee table, therefore easy to place “incognito” in the home or in a more formal environment such as an office, but also in a waiting room of a professional studio.

Compared to its older brother (Conway Airmega 400 / 400s), it manages to cover 149 square meters, although its maximum characteristics are expressed in environments up to 116 square meters come to purify the air twice in an hour.

The air purification system is based on a number of filters. That first filter it has activated carbon, removes annoying odors and traps the largest particles and is washable.

The second filter isAirmega Max 2 a combination of activated carbon and filter Genuine HEPAwhich is the best capture system for very small particles, up to 0.3 microns, which serves to filter 99% of volatile organic compounds. The manufacturer states that it must be replaced later 365 days of actual use. But in any case, wear and tear is also reported in the app.

Air quality control takes place throughoutLED ring located on the front of the Coway Airmega unit that communicates pollution levels in real time through a color scale.

They are adjustable five ventilation modes (Smart, Sleep, Low, Medium and High) and at its maximum power, the device reaches only 43.2 dB of noise produced. The air purifier Coway Airmega 300s It also has three smart settings that adapt to the environment: The fan speed is automatically adjusted to the air quality of the room.

Finally, any company in Coway Airmega can be remote controlled thanks to the Airmega Iocare app, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Dash (it automatically orders spare parts for Amazon, such as filters). Via the app it is possible to control the monitoring of air quality, receive notifications about the wear condition of the filters and the program, the timer, the speeds and intelligent modes. Finally, the Coway Airmega 300S Energy Star certified and uses very little: 56 Watts.

Coway Airmega Air Purifier: Amazon Offer

The air purifier Coway Airmega 300S in white and Nordic style is for sale at a list price of 699 euros, but today it is available on Amazon at the final price per. 449 euro (-200 euro, -29%).

Coway Airmega 300S air purifier with WiFi

Coway Airmega 300S air purifier with WiFi

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