Covid and School, Ats year-end balance sheet. Primarily the most affected

at the end of the school year, Ats Valpadana publishes the report on one year of Covid monitoring activities in the schools. In the province of Cremona, the absolute number of infections mainly involved primary school with 4,445 cases (corresponding to 28.9% of the population in this age group), high school with 4,082 cases (25.7%) followed by secondary school with 2,749 cases (27.7%) and kindergarten with 2,203 cases (27.1%). By comparing the cases with the population in the reference age group, a higher incidence was therefore estimated among primary school pupils, although the differences between the different school levels are quite limited. The peak of infections was reached in January.

Laura Rubagotti, COVID-19 contact person for ATS for schools, intervenes in the subject. “It must be emphasized – he says – that data on the pandemic situation throughout the school year in the schools of the provinces of Cremona and Mantua is an expression of the great commitment supported by the school leaders and by COVID-19 representatives of the various schools in our area.

“From the report edited by the ATS Val Padana Epidemiological Observatory led by Dr. Marco Villa, it is clear that in total throughout the ATS, 30,703 students have contracted Covid-19, to an estimated incidence of 28.6%. details for the different school levels, involved the absolute number of infected, compared to the corresponding school population by age group, primarily primary school with 9,979 cases (29.5% of the population in this age group). age), high school, school with 9,502 cases (27, 6%) and then primary school with 6,478 cases (30%) and infant school with 4,744 cases (26.8%). January 2022. “

The activity of contact tracking it was also possible thanks to the ongoing dialogue with school leaders, COVID-19 referrals, RSPPs and school doctors. The operators also acted in close synergy with the doctors and paediatricians and offered ongoing support to the students’ families in order to initiate measures to track contacts to rebuild the chain of infection. The actions were mainly adopted with the aim of ensuring, as far as possible, a personal education through the promotion of vaccination against Covid-19 in the graduate school population (students and staff) and the activation of preventive measures and projects. and in contrast to the spread of infections. Courses were also arranged for teachers, students and their families.

With the start of the school year, the school group’s operators also conducted surveillance at some guard schools with molecular saliva tests, non-invasive inoculations that are easy to use even by parents. The purpose of this monitoring was to intercept the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 virus in our territory at an early stage. Children, teens, school operators, and parents were trained by ATS operators in the use of these saliva samples for the purpose of verifying the feasibility of a screening process on children performed through school in potential independence of families.

All actions of contact tracking have been adopted in schools in accordance with national and regional regulatory indications. As a result of Legislative Decree No. 24 of 24 March, the changes concerning health monitoring in schools were significant: In fact, the legislation assumed that from 1 April 2022, all contacts, regardless of vaccination status, were no longer quarantined, but from 4 ° cases in the same class. the contacts should carry out a period of self-monitoring with the duty of respiratory protection of type FFP2 for 10 days.

To facilitate the monitoring of the progress of the pandemic in schools, Lombardy has also developed and provided a dedicated portal; a single platform throughout Lombardy, also adopted by all schools at all levels in the provinces of Cremona and Mantua to standardize reporting methods.

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