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There baby and girl bedroom it is a space imprinted functionality: It is a welcoming and cheerful environmentwho knows how to express children’s character and passions. Decor of a bedroom includes some precautions, including the choice of some decorative and colorful elements. Let’s see how to make a children’s room and some ideas and advice to decorate it.

To create a functional space

The children’s room must be one functional spacewhere even in small environments there are everything you need for play and study. Above all, it must best represent an environment safe and free of edges or large and dangerous furniture. In addition to the bed and wardrobe, we find among the items that must never be missing in a bedroom chests no storage furniture for games, books and everything that every child should have on hand during the day. In a small bedroom, they can also be very useful container beds e loft beds. A trick to increase space? S.fruit heights to make one bridge chamber, where the beds are recessed under the suspended cabinets. When there are more children in the room, you can also choose beds a castle. For each age group, among other unavoidable elements of a bedroom, we find bedside tables and drawers, desk and all accessories for field of studywith shelves and racks where one can dedicate an exclusive space to books and tools needed in school. In the decor of the bedroom it is also basic lightingboth day and night, for this reason it is good to choose one chandelier or lamp should be placed in the center of the room, but also lamps for the night must be placed on the bedside tables.

Do not forget a corner for games and hobbies

If it’s true that the baby and girl’s room should be a functional space, we must not forget to create an area dedicated to leisure. When children are young, it can be done a play area with blankets and containers for toys, with toy tents and houses to create space reserved for play, while if you decorate a bedroom for a girl or a boy the space will be used to depending on the hobbies. In a small environment it is possible utilize the study areaor take advantage of the heights and storage units to create a space dedicated to children’s passions.

Ideas for the walls in the bedroom

One of the main elements of decorating a baby and girl’s room is without a doubt color on the walls, which gives character to the space and should represent the taste and style of those who live in it every day. Between colors for the walls of the bedroom we suggest warm and bright colors like yellow, but you can also choose pastel colors vivid as green or orange, or select neutral colors or to white to give brightness to the room (for example, to decorate with paintings). The environment can be enriched with magnetic paint or whiteboard paint, to allow children to write on the walls and unleash their imagination by also using vertical surfaces. Alternatively, they can be used washable paints to avoid soiling the room DIY stickers and decorations.

Wallpaper for the children’s room

Another very valid solution for bedroom walls is to choose from decorate with wallpaper colored and with decorations related to the children’s favorite characters. This solution has one dual functionalitybecause on the one hand it allows you to furnish and decorate the walls to the taste of the children, on the other hand it does a lot easier to change the style of the room according to the different stages of children’s growth without having to paint the room every time.

Attention to detail

Furnishing of bedroom for children it does not mean giving up design and aesthetics. There are e.g. designs children’s rooms, but above all, it is possible to decorate a bedroom according to one’s taste and style. You can choose lamps, rugs, fabrics and interior accessories that reflects the style of the house in a playful and cheerful wayand so can you decorate the room with plantsa different way of arranging and at the same time teaching children care and sustainability from an early age.

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