Children design the packaging for the news agency Caffè del Birbantello Italpress

NAPELS (ITALPRESS) – Coffee is a product that historically has an ancient tradition, is part of the Italians’ daily gesture and is a ritual that goes beyond social and territorial differences. Inspired by this inspiration, Caffè Borbone gave shape to “Il Caffè del Birbantello”, a project born in Naples, to offer children an educational and creative opportunity aimed at strengthening their attitudes, exploiting the feeling of belonging and create interest in an all- Italian tradition, the coffee.
With the aim of leveraging the Neapolitan experience, “Il Caffè del Birbantello” extends across Italy thanks to the support of non-profit organizations involved in restoring early school leaving, in synergy with Sustenia, an agency implementing sustainable development strategies.
The non-profit organizations were invited to take part in an exciting competition: young creatives, divided into working groups, expressed their inspiration in a lively and colorful workshop. Like real “marketers”, the children made beautiful drawings, which were then graphically embossed on the packaging of “Caffè del Birbantello”. The jury, which selected the 5 most original drawings, one for non-profit organization, also awarded the most beautiful and evocative sentences. The young creatives have thus given their fervent imagination shape through drawing and writing, representative through art: unspoken thoughts, the connection to the city to which they belong, and the idea of ​​a good cup of coffee. “Shall we make up?” “Shall we have a cup of coffee?”, “My mother likes coffee as long as our alleys”, “In Palermo it is always spring”, “In the sea of ​​Taranto I saw myself and my family again”. These are some of the exciting phrases created by the “villains” in all cities.
An idea that has transformed the commitment of young people to a concrete result, the “product” that will be present in specialty stores throughout Italy, to satisfy the commitment of young creatives. The Neapolitan company has always been oriented towards a sustainable strategy from both a social and environmental point of view, for the initiative also aims at a green product: the compostable pods 100% nature-friendly, disposable in the wet and characterized by recyclable packaging in paper collection and encourages thus consumers to take a responsible lifestyle and behavior.
The non-profit organizations that participated in the initiative are: “Il Balzo Onlus”, which operates in Milan with the aim of improving the living conditions of vulnerable minors and preventing them from dropping out of school; “Sos Children’s Villages” from Vicenza, an international network dealing with family welcome and assistance; “Il Laboratorio Cooperativa sociale” in Genoa, which manages educational services and aims at inclusion of work; “Fondazione Soleterre Onlus” from Taranto, which follows the children in the pediatric oncology department, and the “Odysseus project” in Palermo, which contrasts the drop-out rate of children in school.
Partner in the initiative: Third District, a working group consisting of business, third sector and institutional experts who work to build collaborations between the various actors.
To provide continuity to the project, Caffè Borbone supports children’s educational activities through a donation to the non-profit organizations that have actively participated in the project, coordinated by Sustenia.
This collaboration is the result of Caffè Borbone’s commitment to inclusion and to supporting social fragility. A coffee that is good twice: for the quality of the product and good for the social value it brings.

– Photo from Caffè Borbone press office –

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