Casino tournaments, bonuses and other features that the casinos offer their customers

The more a customer bets, the more the casino is interested in making him a returning customer. It is an axiom that does not need proof. Special casino conditions for VIP players have become an integral part of the casino operators’ effective marketing policy. Demonstrate regular activity on the site, participation in casino tournaments and at other events, users can gain status, which will give them extra perks and allow them to play on favorable terms.

How to become a VIP player at online casinos

Each company has its own approach to attracting and retaining the public. But the basic principle is the same everywhere. If a visitor likes the high stakes, he loves casino tournaments, he is ready to play a lot and often he can count on a special position. This way of stimulating customers is not new as it has proven to work in many industries. Airline passengers earn miles and upgrades, active online shoppers are rewarded with free shipping and additional discounts, and bank card holders receive cashback for completed transactions. The consumer is not motivated by advertising promises, but by real and tangible benefits. Both sides win.

There is a noticeable difference between the services of traditional casinos and services of virtual casinos. The preferences of the regular players are different.

Traditional casino privileges

In land-based casinos, VIP status is often awarded to high-level players. The latter makes high stakes, provides generous tips and maintains brand status. VIP players from offline casinos are served in separate private rooms and have access to tables with higher limits. In some cases, customers receive free hotel stays, transfers, airline tickets and entertainment.

The loyalty program for large traditional casinos has a step-by-step system. The more often a client visits an institution, the more money he spends on it casino tournaments, the higher the status. As the player progresses, he gets a discount on additional services.

Online casino privileges

Gambling sites are designed for a diverse audience. The user gains a privileged status as he becomes active on the page.

The loyalty program works according to a well-defined scheme. After registration, the player is assigned a starting level by default. Most often they are differentiated: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, etc. In some cases, this hierarchy is adapted to the concept of the site.

New privileges open up at every level. The payout limits are rising and the cashback percentage is rising. The higher the status, the faster the winnings are paid out, and the more favorable the trading conditions for the bonuses. By reaching the maximum level, the player can receive the following privileges:

  • Personal manager service;
  • Access to limited VIP offers;
  • personalized gifts and bonuses.

In most cases, VIP status is automatically assigned to the user. If this is not done, the customer has the right to request customer support.

Loyalty points can be used for promotions. It is a virtual currency that is credited for bets, deposits, participation in casino tournaments and other promotions. It is transferred to a separate account and can be exchanged for bonuses, real casino gifts, cash or status upgrades, depending on the conditions of the site.

How to become an online casino VIP player

VIP status is only valid on the page where it was earned. Before registering, find out if the site has a loyalty program or other incentive for regular players. In most online casinos, the description of the level system and the open bonuses on each of them are available to unauthorized visitors. You can find this information in the campaign section.

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