Car and home: how life changes in EV

Car and home: Andrea, a Lombard reader, recounts how the arrival of an Opel Corsa-e has also changed the domestic “electric” organization. We remind you that those who want to tell their story experience, can write to

from Andrea Baga

“Sis your reader and youtuber “follows” Matteo Valenza. I want to tell about my experience: how I live with mine Opel corsa-enot only car side, but also like you live in the house. The car arrived at the end of September 2021 and to date I have done a little more than that 9,000 kmbetween homework and use in the neighboring countries where I live“.

car and house
The arrival of a wall box made it possible to “make peace” with the household appliances.

Car and home: it was a constant switching off and on of household appliances, so …

“CHANGE YOUR HOME LIFESTYLE? The answer is not so obvious, I personally had two different phases. In the first, the answer is YES, we had to adapt has only 3KW or I would charge the car with the portable charger or I used the appliances. So between me and my partner it was a continuous I CAN ….. ? WAIT for me to stop charging the car. Or: tonight nturn on Ldishwasher, etc … Yes a real one steal kW… In the second phase the arrival of WALL-BOX and also thanks to the experimental phase of GSE (6kW at night and on Sunday) the answer to the above question is NO. Thanks to adaptive wall box according to the load of the house and the configuration performed, life is back to the same as always. I am careful not to hang 2 or more high power appliances together. Quietly forgetting the car, at most detached from charging and hangs up as soon as he can …

car and housePeople ask you: why not fill up 100%?

Since I took the electric car, I’ve been asked, from the most common to the strangest … The most common concerns autonomy and charging times. I answer that it does the machine on average from 280 to 310 km. I rarely manage to make such long trips, and if this happens, I look for the 50kW column up for a quick charge. I can see that people have a hard time understanding that the refills, especially in the columns, do not have to be 100% unless one has to travel more than the car’s autonomy. You only need to put the kW you know is enough for you to get home safely, much more than that over 80% the refill is much slower. But are there any columns here? I live in a town not far from Erba (CO). First, the answer is no, but only because we do not notice it and sometimes they are a little hidden. But thanks to the suppliers’ various APPs el of “roaming“, I see where the pillars are, the state and the power.

car and houseThey think he can not walk on the highway …

But you can not drive on the highway, right? Error: on the highway I can and the car is limited at 150 km / h, although it is not advisable to go over 110 km / h so as not to compromise autonomy. At least for now, when the pillars on the highway are in short supply.

Nevern the mountain does not rise, right? It depends on the increase, if a car with an internal combustion engine (not 4 × 4) comes on, then the electric also increases and maybe even with less difficulty to get the torque immediately. Bad weather … Oh yes, bad weather coming, rain and snow … well yes, I was asked how the car goes when it is raining and snowing. What to answer? It works like all other cars, if it rains you have to drive slower and if it snows it is not the car that matters, but the tires it mounts. It will cost a lot the coupon? I actually do not know, but hearing different opinions should not cost that much. Considering that: I have not engine air filter, I have no engine oil, I do not have an engine oil filter, candles etc …“.

car and houseCar and home: there are also benefits that no one says …

But what are the benefits of the electric car? If the charge is between 50 and 100%, I can warm up the cabin before boarding. When I run in my shirt, it’s comfortable, and yet the hot air comes right away, and you do not have to wait for that. warm up the engine. Especially if you live in the mountains and the first few kilometers you only have to go downhill (before I lived in Lumezzane, BS)…. Another benefit: If you have a recharge above 50%, you can turn it on air conditioning before boarding and therefore not to find the hot car ….. How much does it cost to recharge the car to 100%? Well, it depends on where you do it. At home, it is the most affordable, especially if you have solar panels. If not, it varies from column to column and from recharging effect. What if stay without charging What are you doing? Like all those who run out of gas and do not reach the gas station. 4 arrows and tractor route. Hard to happen. to have had one LPG machine which had the same autonomy, it was difficult for me to stay on foot …“.

car and houseAutonomy anxiety? First it happened, then …

The first time, when I returned from a customer, I stopped at a small post. Too bad it was under maintenance. Not knowing where there were other quick columns and would not waste any more time, I checked the guesser and the remaining distance of the navigator. I had approx 80 km of the margin. I start from the column and start traveling home…. Slowly while I was traveling, km on arrival went down, too bad the guesser went down much faster. When there were approx 4 km, the machine signaled only 22 km autonomy. When I knew I had to get up from that point to the home, yes, I was afraid of not arriving … Eventually I came home with about 15km of autonomy … uffffffffff done … Today, after finding various strategic points, I can meet the journey with serenity, and if thanks to the app I can reach a column from 50 kW evenly up.


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