Bianchi: “Anyone who wants to be a teacher wants a clear path”. The critical unions: “It’s wrong, politics will listen to us”

“An important reform has been adopted in the Senate committee, which places basic education for everyone and for those who want to carry out important management functions within the school. Now the reform will complete its path, but this is a very important step “.

Thus the Minister of Education Patrizio white with reference to the reform of staff recruitment and training.

He then adds to the Corriere della Sera: “Whoever wants to become a professor takes the candidate and then has to obtain 60 points or a kind of master’s, which must be made by the universities. It will also explain how to teach, while part of the merits will be on the cohabitation pedagogy, and there will be a guided internship. In short, a clear path. There will be annual competitions. It will be training for everyone, also dedicated to digital acquisition. We have 800 million from NRR to train 650,000 teachers also in responsible use of digital. And significant bonuses of up to 20% more than the salary are foreseen ”.

The unions: “This is not going to happen, tomorrow in the square”

Trade unions again in the square tomorrow, June 22, to reiterate the reasons for the school, which has so far been unheard of.

The appointment is until kl. 17.30 in Rome on Piazza Vidoni, where FLC CGIL, CISL Scuola, UIL Scuola, SNALS Confsal and GILDA Unams until kl. 20.00 will meet with representatives of political forces to resume the discussion on issues ranging from renewal of the contract, for which investment of additional resources is necessary, to combat uncertainty, to respect contractual prerogatives.

In addition to emphasizing their strong criticism of the Legislative Decree, which is being debated in the chambers and to which they have called for significant changes, the unions are calling on the government and parliament to significantly change the pace to recognize the centrality of the education system through investment. strengthens it, the presence throughout the national territory, based on the areas where the socio-economic difficulties are greatest.

“The negotiation of the contract must, as soon as possible, get to the heart of the issues to be addressed, including the purchasing power of wages, the mobility of staff and economic progress, where it is necessary to confirm the full competence of the negotiation. “Only in this way will the government be able to honor the repeatedly stated commitment to strengthen the dialogue with the social partners.”sounds a note.

Recruitment reform, which is also the extraordinary competition for the substitutes in the Catholic religion

Substitutes with 3 years of employment on support have direct access to Tfa support. The norm in the employment order

Prices for trained teachers from 10 to 20% more in salary, but only for those who pass the evaluation

No staff cuts to fund teacher training: last minute deal

Teacher recruitment and training reform: stop competitions across competitions, selective university courses for qualification, prizes for the most trained teachers, save teacher cards (until 2024) DOWNLOAD TEXT

Substitute teachers have direct access to the competition. Those who pass must obtain the 30 ECTS at their own expense. After entering the role

Recruitment of teachers

Change the way you train and select teachers. An enabling path of 60 ECTS is established, which is administered by the universities and activated on the basis of the need for chairs with in-depth selection. This will be the only way in which applicants are allowed to obtain the qualification. It will also be necessary to gain access to the professorship competitions in which the selective tests have been reformulated. Goodbye to cross-checks and back to open questions. Learn more

Transition phase

Candidates in the professorship competitions have until 2024 the opportunity to hold 30 ECTS or 24 points and achieve the rest after passing the professorship competition. A transition phase before the new system is fully operational and will take effect between 2025 and 2026. Read more

Recognition 24 CFU

In addition, the text recognizes the validity of the 24 points obtained by aspiring teachers as a requirement to gain access to the ordinary teacher competitions. The 24 points will be “deducted” from the total number of points needed to achieve the qualifying courses. Learn more

Paid education

The PNRR also establishes a training system for teachers in service in parallel with that envisaged in the Renzi reform, which also includes the possibility of rewarding teachers. Participation will be voluntary and those who have passed a three-year course will be able to receive a cash prize.

To that end, a high school will be established for the purpose of providing guidelines for activating reward courses for teachers. In order to finance the school, the initial idea was to cut the teacher’s charter, which was averted by the rewording of the text, at least until 2024.

The prizes for the teachers are awarded by the schools’ assessment committee and on the basis of the annual resources available.

No organic cuts

The incentive training is not funded by cutting back on the staff of empowered staff, but by adapting staff with autonomy. Learn more.

Other measures

The final text also contains the following provisions:

  • exceptions for collaborators of school leaders for schools in Regency,
  • rolling the ranking of suitable candidates for high school teacher competitions,
  • stop cutting the teacher’s paper, but until 2024,
  • competition reserved for temporary teachers of religion,
  • extension of the exceptional procedure for the recruitment of qualified teachers.


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