Between Coghi and Ottaviani in Cassano, the winner is the one who gets the most people to vote

Between Coghi and Ottaviani in Cassano, the winner is the one who gets the most people to vote

Magana Park in the late afternoon.
“Oh well, there are a lot of things that need to change here. But Poliseno has done well enough, instead of risking it, let’s continue like this,” says one. “And instead we need to change for this very reason. U.S, apologyand at least Coghi also knows things already ».
Ultimately the choice of Sunday, June 26 in the Cassano Magnago pollit’s all here, in this very real dialogue between children playing and young people having an aperitif at the beginning of the week: continuity versus partial discontinuity.
Two halves of the center-right coming – one and the other from the city government.
Without jumping into the dark, it is a choice of graduations, one might say.

On the one hand, Coghi’s experience is accompanied by the discontinuity represented by the League, which comes from the opposition (and also retains some of the style, see the recent controversy over the conditions of the cemetery). On the other hand, Pietro Ottaviani, who with the group of Poliseno and Fratelli d’Italia in the first round has stepped in on the continuity of the project, and who now instead finds a partial push for renewal in the agreement with the bourgeoisie in Progetto 2032..

The math would be on Ottaviani’s side, which counts with 35.6% of its votes and 15.9 from Dabraio, so that one starts with a consensus of over 50%. A clear advantage over Coghi, who took a little over 20% and did not formalize any similarities (he does, however, get an unexpected, indirect support from Tommaso Police, the center-left candidate who made a painful, albeit almost explicit, vote statement)

Everything already settled? Surprise can lurk right here, perhaps not randomly ridden in recent days from Coghi’s ranks. Forza Italia has controversially talked about «A design predetermined and prepared for some time of an occult and treacherous prompter ». A phrase to put the worm on the Cassano voters and perhaps also in the ranks of Dabraio.

And these days – from Brexit to the elections in France in recent weeks – in politics, the idea that the result has disappeared becomes a boomerang, it pushes voters to rebel against what already seems to have been decided. Not to mention that taking a result for granted risks getting the beneficiaries to “relax” prematurely (in Cassano, thoughts go to the 2012 challenge with the unexpected overhaul of Poliseno at Zaffaroni).

Bring back to vote

“Ultimately, failure is crucial: here half did not vote on 12 June, now half do not even know that we are still voting on Sunday. Whoever gets people to vote wins “ justifies a leader of the center-right (but we will not say which center-right).

The numbers are small overall: we do not reach 9 thousand votes in total. And the possibility for each candidate to withdraw to bring “his” to the ballot box becomes central. From this point of view, Coghi has above all a very compact Forza Italia brand (out of 878 total votes on the list is 818 with preferences), which can really go in search of the voters one by one, if the preference vote matches – often – a personal relationship. On the other hand, Ottaviani’s list alone has a thousand and one preferences, and to these he can add at least part of Dabraios.

Overheated climate and “war”

The climate is heated, though it may conquer – as is increasingly the case – more professionals than the majority of the population, in a context where every second does not go to the polls. In recent days, the League has circulated a message saying that “now it’s war”, a good message to show determination and excite its own. Dabraio has grabbed the ball: “Someone who until two days ago was looking for us and talking about ‘civil friendship’ today uses the term ‘war’. An expression that during this period makes me say “Shame” ».

Accusations have been made on social media – especially from the Lega – against the administrators of the Facebook groups that are most allergic to political controversy. Overheated climate. It is still unknown whether this will bother the people of Cassano (and will keep them even further away from the polls), or whether it will help mobilize the most convinced militants and voters.

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