Alternation between school and work, success for Ptco promoted by Severi


by Monica De Santis

Liceo Scientifico Francesco Severi from Salerno is once again confirmed as one of the most avant-garde colleges in Salerno and more attentive to its educational offerings to its students. For the school year, which has just ended, the school leader Barbara Figliolia has launched a number of Ptco projects, which have given her students the opportunity to participate in very interesting afternoon activities, and which have given them the opportunity to know, learn and possibly. try themselves as journalists. Among the completed Ptco projects, in addition to the classic journalism course and the project that brought students to the theater made in accordance with our newspaper, two other projects have obtained the consent of the students who participated. It is a project called “L’orto a scuola” and the other called “Aware Guides”, both carried out together with the expert Luca Iovane … “These Ptco are the demonstration that when you work in synergy, public and private, you Iovane explained – It is possible to make beautiful and interesting things even with a low budget, and it is very important because you have to work with young people and get them used to working, which is something other than traditional Just as an athlete goes to the gym to strengthen his muscles, working under Ptco strengthens the muscle of commitment, determination, and sacrifice, all of which are fundamental values, like today’s children, who are a little distant, from certain dynamics, from certain philosophies. , from a particular type of culture.- Iovine continues – What we did was send two messages.One that alternates between school and work is fundamental, especially for cross-disciplinary teaching of soft skills, obligation to sacrifice, work those with a result. And then the other is what the public-private synergy, and the coordination in relation to the goals, gives the opportunity to overcome the budget limits that the schools unfortunately have, and which they should not have instead ”. Specifically, Ptco’s Aware Guides’ have set themselves the goal of communicating the need and opportunity to change their behavior towards the environment, their society and the context in which they live, and to stimulate them to change their habits by implementing attitudes that are more respectful of nature. The purpose of the education initiative was to bring them closer to topics such as sustainable mobility, circular economy, but also self-awareness, environmental awareness, awareness of the territory and a sense of belonging to their community. While Ptco “L’orto a scuola” was a training project aimed at transferring skills to students related to the environment, agriculture and especially hydroponic culture. It is an intelligent cultivation technique certified as innovative and sustainable agriculture: zero pesticides, zero water and zero land use. One of the possibilities of hydroponics is to bring agriculture closer to the city context. In fact, as is already happening in many urban realities, it is possible to use the roof terraces of buildings, as well as balconies, to install small hydroponic systems and cultivate controlled products, both from a qualitative and sanitary point of view, collected and consumed at km 0. Hydroponics is, in fact, being repeated, an innovative, green and smart cultivation technique. “These two Ptco’s, like the others we have set up – explained Principal Figliolia – reached great consensus from our students, who participated in a very enthusiastic way and who have also already expressed a desire to continue these paths… as a school try to offer our students a varied but high level teaching offer.Only in this way the boys do not get bored but on the contrary they participate in the end and become the real and only protagonists in these Ptco.

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