UFO Holidays – Cléa Dieudonné

Ufo holiday by Cléa Dieudonné has a plot, fun and simple, embellished and expanded by the illustrations that capture our attention and help us enrich the theatrical of the moment, allowing us to add more color to the narrative. A book to have at home and at school and to flip through using a long and wide corridor!

“A book to read vertically”

When you buy a book, you buy it and think that you will read it sitting on an armchair or lying on a bed without too much physical exertion. But if you buy Ufo holiday by Cléa Dieudonné published by Terredimezzo in 2015, you must adopt some reading strategies.

Ufo holiday

When I saw this picture book during the “Do the Right thing” fair at the end of April, the red writing on the cover “a book to read vertically” immediately attracted me. So I tried to review it but it was not easy and I had to ask for help from a friend who was with me to make sure we could see it better. So I immediately imagined that the faces of my students saw a book that opened vertically and not horizontally, and I could not help but buy it. In fact, all the students were in 1. A the day after fascinated by the book that we rolled out on the class rug to be able to read it together.

Ufo holiday

Another fascinating part of the text is given by the back, which gives us some spoilers …

  • the book’s 5 levels
  • almost four meters long
  • 118 buildings
  • 454 windows
  • 10 factories
  • 1 extraterrestrial

and more…

In fact, it is possible thanks to this section create hypotheses with the children you intend to read the text with and play with numbers with: will there really be all these things inside? Is the book really almost 4 meters long?

This can help in a discovery of the text and also in games that can be played together. Parents and children, teachers and students, friends and friends who, after a gin and tonic, compete to count the windows.

The story tells about an extraterrestrial that comes in one beautiful city, which consists of so many things to discover – a bit like in bustling books -. All the inhabitants of the big city are proud to show how beautiful and interesting it is as a destination for a tourist, and they want it show him all the wonders.

In fact, meet the astronomers, the mayor, the city councilors, the zoo animals, opera singers and again and again. As in any story at some point something tragic is happening: the extra terrestrial, in love with the big city, asks them for the accommodation given to him, and a welcome party is then prepared for him, but unfortunately a praline gets stuck in his throat and the poor alien is given dead.

During the funeral celebration, however, a mermaid helps him, and it turns out that the alien was not dead, and therefore he decides to get married to the mermaid! In short, everything is good that ends well. There story, fun and simpleadorned and expanded by the illustrations that capture our attention and help us enrich the theatrical of the moment, allowing us to add more color to the narrative.

A book to have necessarily at home and at school and to browse using a long and wide corridor!

Ufo holiday

Didactic ideas:

Ufo holiday is a text that can be read – and rolled out – from kindergarten both to play together about numbers and pictures, but also to talk about the role of welcoming others: the extraterrestrial in fact, even though he comes from another planet, became he welcomed with openness. arms and everyone was happy to have him among them because he brought something special with him: diversity.

We recommend it to … all those who love surrealistic stories and all those who love originality and diversity.

Cléa Dieudonné – Ufo holiday – Terre di Mezzo
Translation: R. Dalla Rosa

Rating – 90%

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