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The countdown has begun for those responsible for the maintenance errors that caused it collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa. These pages follow the families of the victims from the beginning of the story we are confronted with Egle Possetti, chairman of the committee to commemorate the victims of the Ponte Morandiand we end up noticing how the internal voicesAspi (Highways to Italy) coincides with what is rumored in legal circles, both civil and criminal, as in political undergrowth. That is to say, for political parties and Italian leadership, the story of the Morandi Bridge is now a thing of the past, and perhaps everyone expects a violent storm from those who overthrow the houses in Liguriathrow everything overboard, forget it who was the victim and who the executioner. Of course, it caused a sensation, but only among the families of the victims, that the official, who was intercepted to write to omit the criticism of the bridge, is kept firmly in his place. This official, perhaps the guardian of the secret of the collapse, is the only one accused that ASPI has armored the chair for, the others have all been removed. It is really inexplicable that this detail, which made both the author and Egle Possetti suspicious, did not arouse the curiosity of the investigators.

“No one will pay” exclaimed the president of the “Ponte Morandi Victims Remembrance Committee”, then added “thus a statement from August 2018 by Mr. Luca Bizzarri regarding the tragedy at the Morandi Bridge, expressions of indignation, expressions of anger that come not only from this voice, but from many others – remembers Egle Possetti: almost four years after the tragedy there is now the grandiose campaign of renewal of the company with a new towith new partners, with the former main shareholder family coming out with full pockets of Italian money, including the taxes paid by the families of the victims ”.

It is obvious that it is helpful for the current government that the story of the Morandi Bridge ends with a mushroom stroke: a recipe useful to shareholders, banks, insurance companies, government, lawyers and lawyer friends. Here is the weak link, the official Paolo Agnese, kept in place, to guard the trash can that was the collapsed Morandi: today a house of cards, suspicious assessments, wiretapping. All things that the “salon” of the Italian management would like to throw away.

“How many painful affirmations we have heard in recent years – Egle Possetti continues – like no one could have imagined that he was reduced under these conditions. Unfortunately, the major problems have been well-known for years, and they have also surfaced in telephone conversations. But i current restyling campaign everything seems to assume new colors, new views. Then there is the beatification of those who unfortunately did not know it and who are now devastated by what happened. We confirm the reality of the facts: cars that flew down with their passengers because the bridge collapsed, other people who saw the rubble collapse on their heads, forty-three lives that will never return to their families. Then there are the other views – emphasizes Egle Possetti – neglect, greed, incompetence, crime, approximation, these are the complements to this view “.

So what is the president of “Ponte Morandi’s Remembrance Committee still hoping for?”. “We hope that someone can pay – says Egle laconically – we hope that at least some of the perpetrators can pay, we are not sure that in our country all the right perpetrators will pay. But let’s go our own way, we believe in justice and we will fight to the last, for the rest we feel a lot of disappointment in being aware, unfortunately, that this event wants to be hidden and concealed more and more to the point of diminishing it. But what happened, everyone must know, and that is only the tip of the iceberg: There is a system fermenting during this tragedy, and not even this torment has affected it in the slightest.

Consistency is not in this country – Egle comments on the next recipe – it is not in National DNAit does not lie in the choices of those who served the state with tasks of great responsibility and continue to be top executives in private companiesconsistency is not even in the words of a comic actor who also plays an institutional role in by Genova, who the day after the tragedy, being a Genoese, just as many of his fellow citizens declared themselves indignant. Today it seems that the indignation has passed, yes (we do not know if that is true) this actor can become a voice for a podcast for Autostrade’s tourism portal: maybe pro bono, but it does not matter even if it was a free service, because there are so many associations, so many unheard of voices that might need your vote if it were borrowed for free.

For a genueser the choice to give his vote to that company (Aspi), though some think so now be something else, which has changed, is in our view a bad taste act. In our opinion, the choice of using a genueser is not random, perhaps it was examined at the table to minimize, to ward off indignation ”. Egle Possetti is convicted and moved because the anniversary is approaching and the rumors about the legal advice given to the defendants and to the entire management are strengthened. It is to pretend that nothing has happened, to behave like fish in barrels, how important it is that the Aspi make turnover and feed the living, and that the dead would be politically appropriate to forget them.

“That’s why we’re been unheard of for four years – notes Egle Possetti – concession sold despite all logic, bills promised and stuck. Maybe he could have lent us his voice too, to make our cries resound, the pain we carry inside us like a parasite, the voices calling for justice for those who are no longer there, and the stringency and prevention for those who are still traveling on. brother. and roads “.

So Egle Possetti asks with the kindness that has always contradicted her, “sorry Luca Bizzarri, if we do not understand his motives, what we now perceive allows us to say that we are disappointed”. Actor Luca Bizzarri lent his voice to the Autostrade podcast: he is a part of “Wonders Project” presented to Rome and carried out in collaboration between the Ministry of Culture, Autostrade per l’Italia, Touring Club, WWF and Slow Food. For Possetti Egle, as well as for many ordinary people, the echo of the new Italian motorway policy has been reached, that is, to smile and make the victims forget for the economic good of the country. Nothing new under this sky that would end, as he had already told us Totò stationmaster in Destination Piovarolo.

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