Summer begins in Poggio amidst culture, music, cinema and shopping

It’s a Poggese summer full of music, culture, cinema and shopping kicking off this week.

The calendar of events featured Mayor Francesco Puggelli and Culture Councilor Giacomo Mari, President of Pro Loco di Poggio and Caiano Piero Baroncelli, Marco Martelli of Confesercenti, Director of the Soffici Museum Giulia Ballerini and President of the organization. committee for the tournament in the Paolo Lenzi districts.

“This is the first post-covid summer – declares the mayor Francesco Puggelli – and the desire to meet again is great. We therefore thank the Poggese community, which through associations and exhibitors has started to offer this rich event calendar ”.

The first agreement is with the now usual notification “Poggio and ShowcaseArranged by Pro Loco by Poggio a Caiano with contributions and participation of the municipality, in collaboration with “Poggio Novo” natural shopping center, Confesercenti and Confcommercio and support from Chianti Banca. From June 23 to July 21 every Thursday night Poggio comes alive with dinners, music, games for children and LED and brand shows that accompany the shops’ evening opening. It starts in Piazza Buontalenti on June 23, in Via Monticello and Piazza dei Caduti on June 30 in Piazza SS. Rosario on 7 July on Via Cancellieri, via Lorenzo il Magnifico and Piazza XX Settembre on 14 July and finally on Piazza Risorgimento, Via Garibaldi and Via Cavour on 21 July. For more information about the review: and phone 055 8798779 (Pro Loco).

“We are pleased to be able to offer our appointment again this summer, which has now become historic -” said the president of the Pro Loco of Poggio a Caiano. Piero Baroncelli -: five evenings to fully experience Poggio a Caiano and be together to rediscover the territory and its excellences. It was not easy to set up the evening, and we therefore thank our volunteers for the great effort and the municipal administration for the support. “

On the occasion of Poggio in Vetrina, three Thursdays in July, the Soffici Museum will be open to the public from 6 p.m. 21:00 to 23:00 and will propose its own calendar of initiatives. On July 7, it will be possible to visit the museum by making an appointment by emailing, led by the director Giulia Ballerini. On July 14, there is free admission for everyone, and it will also be possible to participate independently in the initiative “I bring you to the museum”, the new multimedia game path, which is promoted together with the Prato Museums Network and is aimed at everyone, young and old . On July 21, the extraordinary opening will be accompanied by the promotion of new audio guides that can be used through QR codes. “It is – explains the director of the Museum Giulia Ballerini – also in this case of a project from the Prato Museums Network, which predicts a visitor path using QR codes located inside the museum. We have decided to enrich our path with codes regarding both works and environments. It is a permanent instrument for the museum, which we will be happy to present and let visitors experience on the evening of 21 July ”.

For art lovers, thanks to the initiative Mirabili’s workshopIt will also be possible to experience Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano through some special events when booking. In addition to the garden. Visit to the Museum of Still Life and Walk in the Park on June 25, July 9 and September 3 at. 10.30 (for reservation 055 87 70 12). Blind date. Light at the Salon, July 7, 14, 21 and 28 at 20:00 and 21:00 (for reservations 055 87 70 12). Dance workshop Cultural and folk dances between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, 17 July at 10.30 (for reservation 388 46 09 980).

For more details on events in the Villa:

“To enrich the summer event calendar – says the culture councilor Giacomo Mari – there is also an important news, the open-air cinema, six evenings dedicated to Tuscan comedy. We are really happy to be able to offer Poggesi this opportunity, in beautiful surroundings like our beekeeping oasis “.

Every Wednesday in July and the first two Wednesdays in August we will be able to see the great successes of the Tuscan directors, from Monicelli to Pieraccioni, from Benigni to Nuti to Virzì. There open air cinema review held at the beekeeping oasis in via Regina Margherita 26 in Poggio a Caiano, in collaboration with the cultural association La cineteca della fantasia and the beekeeping oasis Le buche.

This summer Festival of the Hills who in Poggio will see 4 appointments: July 4th, July 17th, July 22nd and July 26th.

Monday, July 4th Rita Payés, followed by Florentine vocalist Jamila, will be at Villa Medicea at 21.00; Sunday, July 17 at 9:30 pm in Bonistallo Church Garden Play Mishel Domenssain “Bruja Mestiza” Friday the 22nd of July at 9.30 pm it’s time to go Gnu Quartet at Villa Il Cerretino, last appointment in Poggio al garden for Bonistallo church on Tuesday 26 July at 21.30 med James Maddock.

And for sports lovers, the agreement with the District Tournament is also back, which this year sees all disciplines represented, first appointment on June 29th.

“This 2022 – concludes Mayor Puggelli – will be a very special summer for Poggio, because it is 60 years since the founding of our municipality. July 14 will therefore be a day of special celebrations to which all Poggesi will be invited. Soon we’ll give you all the details, but in the meantime, stop everyone on the date on your agenda. “

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