Pininfarina draws Light Towers in Mexico

Pininfarina architecturein partnership with the Mexican Real Estate Company Branson’s developmentreveals Light Towers Design by Pininfarina, the first vertical housing project in Mexico signed by the international design studio with Italian roots. The towers that will rise Meridaon the Yucatan Peninsula, aims to propose new living standards in the cities, while at the same time acting as a catalyst for property development in the region.

Our primary focus as a design studio is the well-being of future residents and the community that benefits from the construction – he claims Samuel Sordichief architect for Pininfarina of America -, to translate human-centered values ​​into an elegant and intelligent design. A vision that goes hand in hand with Branson Developments, which has always been committed to creating sustainable property developments for the community and the territory “.

There The V-shaped structure will consist of two separate buildings on 15 and 17 floors, connected by a five-storey base. The heart of the project is represented by one green valley which extends upwards from the base and symbolically represents the connection with Mexican roots and the drive towards a future with new ideas, new perspectives and hopes for future generations.

The green valley will consist of overlapping terraces that seamlessly connects the building with nature, the inner environment with the outer. Each of the 122 modular apartmentsranging from two- and three-bedroom units up to penthouse with four or five bedrooms, it will have a private terrace designed as an extension of the area live. Nature becomes a central element of the lifestyle of these “high-altitude villas”, which depending on their location in relation to the central biophilic core will have 25% to 75% of the outdoor area dedicated to vegetation.

Self recreational space, open to residents, embrace the concept of a greener lifestyle. That tire second floor is designed as an outdoor meeting place and will contain a swimming pool, a co-working area and over 270 square meters dedicated to physical well-being with Spa, fitness center and playground. The seventh and eighth floors will also be dedicated to leisure with rooms that can be rented for private events, cinema halls, a shared kitchen and two bars on the terrace, one designed to enjoy a good cocktail in the evening and the other specializing in fruit juices and fresh energizing tea.

The interior will be characterized by a bright and colorful palette, inspired by the tones of the place and by the nuances reminiscent of cultural traditions. All materials are locally sourced, including plaster and concrete, which reduces the building’s environmental impact and supports the economy.

We are excited to partner with Pininfarina Architecture to develop a project that reflects the future of housing in our city and honors our cultural heritage. We are extremely proud to build this iconic landmark in the Yucatan“, he comments Juan Sotoproject director for Branson Developments.

Light Towers will rise in a strategic position just north of the center of Mèrida, a short distance from the new building that will soon house the US Consulate, in the heart of what is considered to be the second safest city on the American continent after Quebec City. On foot you can reach shops, cinemas, schools, universities, restaurants and supermarkets, and the fastest connections to the nearby beach Progreso.

Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2022, while construction of the buildings will begin in August 2022. When completed, Light Towers will be the first marked tower residential buildings in Pininfarina, Mexico.

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