Missoni when the imagination enters the home

Missoni Home Collection, coordinated by the new creative director Alberto Caliri under the supervision of Rosita Missoni, is the perfect synthesis of art, color and poetry: The identity values ​​of the house.

Desire for ease: we all need it, today more than ever. A register change also starts by renewing the objects that inhabit our private spaces and that we meet with every day, in gestures and relationships. And just as the wardrobe is updated according to the seasons and the feeling of the moment, even the geography of the house can assume different nuances from time to time in a subtle game with references between dream and reality that opens up unprecedented creativity perspectives. At Missoni he will be its interpreter Alberto Calirithe designer from Campania, who in 2021 replaced Angela Missoni ad interim and signed the women’s collections for two seasons, and who since the spring has taken over the reins of Missoni Home Collection (under the supervision of Rosita Missoni) and Missoni Sport, here in collaboration with Davide Tognetti.

How has the house changed in the last two years?
There is a strong desire among people to flee, which crosses the way of living, dressing, but also living. To intercept this widespread need for transformation, we have chosen to enter the home in a poetic and delicate way and create beauty islands made of small furniture, accessories and complements that stimulate curiosity and ignite wonder.
After all, it’s a bit of the philosophy that inspired the last Missoni Donna winter fashion show, where the models embraced soft toys on the catwalk.
The theme of animals, which combines the reference to nature and the narrative of the spontaneous world of childhood, also returns in the two art installations I have created for FuoriSalone, which serve as a framework for telling Missoni Home Collection’s new course. “Welcome back dreams” is the title of the exhibition located on the ground floor of the Missoni showroom in via Solferino 9, where I would place a giant rabbit, 6 meters high, covered with the brand’s iconic fabrics, a 2 meter long rabbit. bear and a turtle puff in size XL lined with sponge reminiscent of the shape of the needle pillow, handmade by the women who worked with Missoni weaving. I noticed that the reaction to these items from the public is unique: they are loved by the very young, but even more so by adults who caress them, hug them, sit on them, but above all ask to be able to buy them. Which can happen as soon as possible. The new Gifting Capsule will then be on display on the first floor of the showroom, a gallery of collectibles hovering over the palette of sunset colors. Here we have worked with more compact objects, where the textile material seems almost frozen: open laces with sequins, fabrics filled with resin and shiny and opaque color inserts give life to tables, frames and mirrors of smaller dimensions than before. and which thanks to the small scale are even more valuable.

What are the other new items on the product front?
The sponge line has been enriched, where – without compromising the central location of the bathrobe – new bags and sacks have been added to be used not only on the beach, in the pool and in the spa, but also in everyday life, the jewelery slippers for home and leisure. and a director’s chair with seat and back in upholstered sponge that could be the first piece of a new family of soft seats, designed in the name of extreme interchangeability between the outdoors and indoors.

The second meeting place with the Missoni universe will be the Court of Honor of the State University of Milan in via Festa del Perdono in connection with the exhibition “Interni Design Re-Generation” …
In the two installations, entitled “Mega-Verso”, we will present Missoni Home’s new outdoor concepts. Next to the new outdoor chairs will be an extra large bear and rabbit lined with the same fabric as the armchairs that really seem to come out of the parallel world of the Metaverse. We are expanding the personal range of Missoni customers by adding young people to the consolidated goal of over 50, and the irony that inspires this setting, with a strong visual impact and very instagrammable, alludes to the brand’s willingness to reinvent itself and re-propose even by renewing itself in time. During the salon days, other smaller animals will also be placed in various places in the center of Milan, made from recycled materials, which we somehow wanted to resume our, Italian tradition of sewn cloth toys. in the home, perhaps not perfect, but very tender: the ugly duckling that attracts the sympathy of everyone, with the touch between vintage and handmade that makes it completely unique.

And what about the table?
The 2022 service collection, created under license by Arnolfo di Cambio and visible at Rho / Fiera Milano, includes sets of plates, cups, mugs, vases, glasses and cutlery characterized by classic colors and motifs – from stripes to the unmistakable zigzag – which belong to the Missoni heritage . But at the moment we have not yet put our hand to this part of the catalog, but in the coming months there is the idea of ​​changing the pace of the Home releases and making them more dynamic, just as is happening in the fashion world. There will be capsules and spot interventions throughout the year, precisely to try to accommodate the changing spirit of our time. Nothing is static around us, everything changes at a speed never seen before. We can not say that we have not learned it.

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