Meloni should apologize (too) for the best of Italian culture

Pasolini. Here’s the first thing that comes to mind is hearing Giorgia Meloni’s speech to the generous Taliban fascist-Spanish audience (but it’s not a discourse: to discourse is just to go through a quarrel with words, to expand the thought, not to spit out slogans that are easier as possible, in the “yes-no” mode, click and go with applause).

Pier Paolo Pasolini and Dario Bellezza and Sandro Penna and Lalla Romano and Goliarda Sapienza and Alberto Moravia and Rossana Rossanda and Elsa Morante and Giorgio Bassani and Dacia Maraini and Alberto Arbasino and Aldo Busi and others. thousand (I would also like to mention Federico Garcia Lorca, for staying in Spain, as a tribute to the comrades of “Vox”, but if we leave Italy the names would be innumerable).
And in the cinema, Luchino Visconti, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ettore Scola, Giuliano Montaldo, Ferzan Ozpetek, Pappi Corsicato, Gianni Amelio, Carlo Mazzacurati, Matteo Garrone, Giorgio Rights. The list would be very long if only I could remember all the writers, directors, poets, writers who tried to make sure that my reasoning, their rejection, was not “yes-no”, white-black, but it started from to listen, from seeing, from being aware of the Other, female, foreign homosexual. The Different does not exist, for we are all different, and that is our similarity: That is what I have learned from all of them (and many more), and therefore it is not enough for me, it will never be enough, one ( false) speak “yes- no”. That is why Meloni, and those who applaud her, should apologize to them all, the best of Italian literature and film and culture.

That’s why when I feel confident in “yes-no,” I feel like putting my hand in memory. To reason. To the art, yes, the discourse (it will be the Magna Graecia DNA). That is, to the heavier weapons that we, the citizens of the third millennium, have at our disposal. The last time I checked it was at least in the third millennium, though I sometimes doubt it. And I can not explain how it is possible that the political forces that seem to have the greatest success are those that explicitly refer to the most backward and darkest parts of our world. Those who adore authoritarianism, who praise strong men. Yes, even in the mocking case where they are led by a woman: if the value system you propose is completely enshrined in authoritarian and patriarchal machismo, then it has no value, no meaning, the fact that you are a woman, and use it as a banner is just another joke (Pirandello thing, we would say we nerds Magnogreci).

These political forces that contrast the sacred “natural family” with the sacred struggles for the civil rights of LGBT + people. That no, they are not “a lobby” with perverted intentions, they are just people who follow their nature (yes, you have to be careful with words, they said this several millennia ago) and ask not to be discriminated against ( humiliated, attacked, attacked …). We are not even talking about “gender ideology”, which is as real as Area 51, chemtrails or Flat Earth. With the aggravating circumstance that there are those who believe in area 51, on chemtrails or on the flat ground (which is one of the reasons why it is sometimes necessary to check whether we are in the third millennium or in the year 1000 …).

The political forces for which the “culture of life” or “universal Christian values” are mysteriously not applicable if it is a person who is not a fetus or a patient in relation to Dj Fabo or Luana Englaro or Piergiorgio Welby: if you is a migrant, and maybe you even dare to flee from a place where there is no war but “only” hunger, famine and persecution, then those values ​​do not apply. You can die at sea, you must be rejected: you are a threat, not a life. And no, according to them, this is not a “culture of death”.
So when you hear them, those “yes-no” speeches that open a trap door and make us fall to the year 1000, put your hand to these weapons: memory, literature, movies, beauty. Working.

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