here is the cinema under the stars of the Gabbiano Arena

SENIGALLIA – Via the masks, via the distances: the cinema – even more outdoors in the Gabbiano Arena – can finally start again in the serenity of a new summer with film culture. Nearly three months filled with events for the cinema under the stars, which the city had so much appreciated in the years before Covid, and which can now be enjoyed again in via Maierini.

The season, which starts tonight, Monday 20 June – and as a tradition for Cinema Gabbiano, the arena’s opening film will be free to enter – is a summary of some of the big movie hits, with many films to review, various news and premieres, including for example “Elvis” by Baz Luhrmann, scheduled from the first day of the national release. Room for social employment and civic engagement, such as the projection with debate of the sports documentary “Body to Body”; as well as the three-day marathon reserved for local protagonists: on June 30, “The Iron Pope” will be presented free of charge, produced in collaboration with the Marche Film Commission; the day after, July 1, it is the turn of the documentary “Il Contatto”, the story of two wolf cubs found in the Apennines and welcomed in the Monte Adone Center; while on July 2 space for the theatrical performance “Il Codice Della Cecca”, created by the San Costanzo Show.

The presentation of the new film season at the summer arena in the Gabbiano cinema in Senigallia:
from left Egidio Muscellini, Giacomo Cicconi Massi, Don Davide Barazzoni, Don Gesualdo Purziani and Carmine Imparato

But if there is one thing that has characterized the Gabbiano cinema and the Senegalese summer arena of the same name since its debut – beyond initiatives as well as the surprise screening at dawn (6.00 on 3 July) with breakfast included – it is certainly the hospitality of the protagonists of the films: actors, directors, producers and screenwriters of the most important films in circulation. A presence in space that will have its own special “way” with Uberto Pasolini, director of “Nowhere special”. In addition to him, the director Maria Iovine from “Corpo a corpo” (June 27) will arrive or be associated with Senigallia (this is another of the habits born of a pandemic); the director, the production designer, the entire cast and the production of “The Iron Pope” (June 30); director Dario Albertini from “Anima bella” (July 4). And again: the director of “Bella ciao” Giulia G Japanese (July 13), the actor and director of “Toilet” Gabriele Pignotta (July 16), the director of “Still air” Leonardo Di Costanzo (20 July), while director Ivan Cotroneo and actress Carlotta Natoli will be present at the screening of “Fourteen Days” (August 25) for a debate in the Chamber.

In short, a new season (and this is only the first part, but it actually ends on September 4) with good deals with those who live and make cinema, to whom Gabbiano foundation, attached to the diocese of Senigallia, has provided space for years. “We are there first arena in the Marche region in terms of number of shows and attendance – said President Don Gesualdo Purziani and Don Davide Barazzoni from the Governing Council – and today we resume a speech that was stopped in 2019 due to the pandemic. Let’s start talking about cinema, creating culture, having important guests in the room. We can safely say that Il Gabbiano is a cultural garrison that needs to be protected. “

This protection is combined with the support work of Confartigianato. “Cinema is a craft thanks to the workers who work there – said Senigallia President Egidio Muscellini and Territorial Manager Giacomo Cicconi Massi” so we are happy to support this film, which improves the craft and at the same time makes cultural tourism. The exhibition actually offers an important side for those who come to Senigallia, by providing the opportunity to participate in important cultural events, and therefore it must be supported with conviction ”.

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