Games and design, retail focuses on entertainment and spaciousness

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Playgrounds are expanding the quantity and quality of their offerings, and design needs are evolving. Here is the study by architect Paolo Lucchetta.

Forget smoky gambling dens or a cramped corner that a tobacconist or bar reserves for a castle. Current (and legal) gaming locations are a whole other matter, online products, they pay more and more attention to their “image” through a refined and careful designable to at the same time intercept new trends and also satisfy a customer base taste, not always with a very high consumption capacity, but always with high demands for service and coziness on the spot and the product.

With architect Paolo Lucchetta founder of Retai lDesign Srl based in Venice Science and Technology Park, consisting of a team of architects and designers working on sustainable innovation, urban renewal in social and commercial architecture – we focus on landscaping and retail playgroundsas part of a special issue of the print magazine Gioco News (available in its entirety online at this link).

The gaming sector has experienced a rapid development in Italy since the 2000s, also from a retail perspective. What are your primary needs and characteristics in terms of decor?
“The places of the game have, thanks to their spread, opened up to a wider public, less dependent and who tend to use these spaces in a more cross-cutting way, such as. entertainment combined with catering or attending events.
In my opinion, designing playgrounds means designing entertainment spaces in the broadest sense, less exclusive and more spacious ”.

The pandemic has forced operators to implement social distance measures. How was it possible to intervene to also ensure aesthetic needs?
“The issue of distancing was initially addressed with invasive and non-integrated barriers to protection.
Then techniques and rules for distance without barriers have instead established themselves and lead us slowly against a hoped new normal“.

Has the pandemic structurally changed the concept of playgrounds?
“The density of places is a bit rarer after the pandemic, but precautions have been moved to the theme of accesses, passports and masks. So I think I can say that the problem will be solved upstream in the future and not at the point of sale” .

What is your personal philosophy in terms of designing a retail chain?
“The philosophy is to create comfortable spaces that promote positive relationships between places, things and people, by using technologies in an accessible and friendly way that blends contemporary shapes and materials. The places represent us, their beauty, accessibility, use are an important part of our quality of life. “

What are the key game projects you have worked on over the years?
“I fondly remember the experiences of the Venice Casino, the RichardCafeen dedicated to Wagner, who lived in the Venetian Palace, and the Wincity Sisal on Piazza Diaz in Milan in the Martini Tower. Available places for entertainment, for an audience of enthusiasts and for occasional customers “.

Do you think Italian retail has its own special characteristics?
“Italy is a land of cultural heritage and new art, fashion and design. We are aware that knowing how to combine art, culture, fashion, design, food and quality chefs means that we represent our country’s identity and our culture.”

And where is it going, from a design point of view?
“It’s going in that direction in a sustainable and innovative way.
The opportunities that this country offers us are remarkable. It is up to us and future generations to seize the opportunities. It is a hope for me, but also a vision that motivates and commits me. So to those who work on projects, I say ‘enjoy yourself’, my most sincere encouragement ”.

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