from 23 June, culture and community space along the Darsena in Ferrara with free admission – Telestense

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The seventh edition of the review “A river of music” was officially presented today, Monday, June 20, 2022 in the municipal housing, an artistic exhibition aimed at involving citizens and tourists in new cultural and community spaces, planned from June 23 to September 8 along the Darsena di San Paolo in Ferrara.

A RIVER OF MUSIC 2022 | Seventh edition

Also in 2022, the music will return to flow along the Volano River. The seventh edition of A River of Music arrives in Ferrara, with a program filled with great music. From June 23 to September 8, the Molo Wunderkammer, at the back of the Palazzo Savonuzzi in via Darsena, 57, will be transformed into a lively square by the river thanks to music evenings organized by the APS Association of Musicians of Ferrara.


The common thread in the project will be the weekly appointments on Monday and Thursday evenings in the quay, where there will be the opportunity to listen to live music; different repertoires and different sounds will alternate week after week for a total of 18 concerts with the participation of 65 professional musicians.

From kl. 19:00 you have access to free admission, to sit at the table with the opportunity to have food and drink in the bar managed by the staff at Un Fiume di Musica and new this year, tasty pizzas baked at the time of Albachiara Pizzeria.

As in previous editions, the concerts will be characterized by refined sounds and volume that respect the neighborhood that houses us and its inhabitants; a neighborhood that we have been a part of as a cultural garrison for 10 years, and which has always welcomed us with kindness and participation.

Un Fiume di Musica is a project curated by the Musicians Association of Ferrara – School of Modern Music, in collaboration with the Wunderkammer Consortium (of which AMF is a part) with patronage and contributions from Ferrara Municipality.


The first date of this long summer music festival will be dedicated to the blues with the historic Ferrarese band The Bluesmen in an acoustic version. The event is the only one for the city of Ferrara, included in the portal of the Ministry of Culture – Cultural Heritage for the Music Festival 2022 – begivenhed / viewevent / 1637-a-flod-of -music-2022-the-bluesmen-acoustic.

After the concert, the book by Samuele Govoni “All this is Blues” – Roberto Formignani, a life in the rhythm of the music between Mississippi and Po “published by Arcana will be presented in Wunderkammer Hall.

Info: [email protected]

JAZZ CLUB FERRARA AND JAZZ DEPARTMENT OF G. FRESCOBALDI CONSERVATORIUM IN FERRARA. Also this year, the collaboration with the Ferrara Jazz Club, which takes care of the programming of Monday evenings in July, and proposes noble national artists and young talented artists, while on 27 June the performances for students from the Jazz Department of the Conservatory will host G. Frescobaldi from Ferrara, coordinated by Prof. Querci; A RIVER OF JAZZ for five unavoidable events, not just for lovers of the genre.

MEIS IN MUSICA – The Musicians Association of Ferrara aps has for 30 years with the School of Modern Music been involved in strengthening the pop music culture in all its forms. Artists of Jewish culture and religion have made a remarkable contribution to the fact that modern popular music, mainly in the United States and Israel, has become dominant in some specific forms.

Following this clue, AMF in synergy with the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah, under the funding for the municipality of Ferrara on LR 41/97 received from the Emilia-Romagna region for the project “Ferrara UNESCO Heritage to a shopping center natural sustainable”, will on September 8, at the end of the festival Un Fiume di Musica 2022, perform a dedicated concert entitled “Jewish Music in Freedom” with original arrangements specially created for the occasion by Maestro Federico Benedetti.

AVIS Ferrara – To raise awareness among young people, Un Fiume di Musica will host AVIS in Ferrara on 14 July for “An evening dedicated to students” in synergy with the departments: IT Bachelet, Liceo Classico Ariosto, Liceo Artistico Dosso Dossi, Istituto Einaudi, GBAleotti, IPSIA, Carducci Institute, Roiti Scientific High School and Vergani Navarra Institute.

CENTOPIEVESE ARTISTIC CRAFTS SCHOOL – A beautiful collaboration with the Centopievese School of Artistic Craftsmanship, which for almost 40 years has paid special attention to violin making; curated by Giovanni Intellisano and Marco Pontillo, they will create a guitar exhibition in the Wunderkammer Hall, dedicated to Mario Maccaferri, in connection with the Gipsy Guitar Festival.


Also this year we find two “mini” festivals within Un Fiume di Musica 2022.

The evening of August 15 will be dedicated to the fourth edition of the Wah Wah Music Fest, an independent author music festival curated by the editors of Wah Wah Magazine, an online magazine with a musical theme born in 2017 by a group of young students from the School of Modern Music of Ferrara within the project “Creative Garden”, with the main purpose of spreading and encouraging the interest and passion of young people from Ferrara and the neighboring community.

On September 1, however, Gypsy Guitar returns, also now in its fourth edition, with an exhibition of musical instruments in Wunderkammer Hall and a concert on the river, to highlight the work of the Cento-based luthier. Mario Maccaferri, inventor and creator of the guitar that gave voice and sound to the great guitarist Manouche Django Reinhardt, Sultan of Swing and world reference point.

This year, as always, there will be free admission to the music room with several tables and seating that allow people to listen to the concert with (if they want) something to drink or a freshly baked pizza.

19.00 opening of the gates – 21.00 the beginning of the concert info: [email protected]

The Wunderkammer consortium and the group of associations that are part of it is a center for cultural production, which since 2012 has reinterpreted the concept of the “chamber of wonders” in a modern key to collect and organize the territory’s artistic and productive capacities in a innovative way. Wunderkammer promotes social inclusion and nurtures talents. It is a point of access to welfare services and orientation towards business creation. It is a space for production and work, which brings together the craftsman and the workstation for the young creative, the start-up and the association and coworking. What until yesterday was an abandoned quay has become a city square, a park where you can let your children play and spend an evening in the company of friends and good music. Concrete actions, with culture, music, art, sports and educational paths at the center, with the attention and care of the neighborhood that hosts it, and always tries to give the public a high quality of the proposed events, to become an important point of reference. and citizen amalgamation.

For 7 consecutive years, Un Fiume di Musica has been the backbone of a broad and unanimous path to urban renewal of the dock, conceived and coordinated by APS Low Profile since 2015. A concrete action that has transformed the look of this dock stretch for a long time neglected.

The 2022 edition promises to be even richer and will allow many people of all ages to switch to a place that has always experienced constant change in recent years (also thanks to the focus put in place by this type events), finally experiencing an important historical moment with the rebuilding of the entire dock by Ferrara Municipality thanks to funds from the Peripherie project.

The Fiumana association with the Nena river boat will also arrange city sailing before the concerts this year, starting at 7.30pm. Info and reservations:


UFDM Thursday 23 June at 21.00 – IBU-MIBACT Music Festival


Roberto Formignani: guitar & voice Massimo Mantovani: keyboards Roberto Poltronieri: bass Roberto Morsiani: drums presentation of the book by Samuele Govoni “All this is Blues” Roberto Formignani, a life to the rhythm of the music between Mississippi and Po.

A River of Jazz – Monday, June 27 at. 21.00

In collaboration with the jazz department at the G.Frescobaldi Conservatory in Ferrara

FIRST SET: RBG Trio feat. Amber White (Latin / fusion)

Lorenzo Baroni: bass, Stefano Guarisco: drums, Marco Rossi: piano, Ambra Bianchi: flute – SECOND SET: percussion class by Prof. G. Querci (Latin jazz) – Marcello Conti, Vito Favara, Marco Rossi, Marco Paganucci: piano, Ambra Bianchi: flute Angela Foschi: piano and accordion Stefano Melloni: alto saxophone – Davide Lanzarini: bass – Fausto Negrelli: drums Massimo Orselli: congas – Guido Querci: Bongos, Timbales SPECIAL GUEST: Giovanni Perin: vibes.

UFDM Thursday, June 30 at. 21.00 – NUEVO TANGO (Argentine tango)

Ludovico Bignardi: accordion Corrado Calessi: piano Julie Shepherd: violin / viola Andrea Taravelli: bass Lele Barbieri: drums Flavio Piscopo: percussion.

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