Footwear for children: Natural growth of the feet with Biomecanics

The shoes we choose for our children must have certain specific properties that can guarantee an unhindered growth of feet and toes, without forcing or creating pressure. For this reason, in addition to the aesthetic discourse, we need to pay attention to how the shoe was created, the materials used, with a focus on this goal.

Therefore, it is not enough to focus on the classic infant shoe model that aesthetically mimics the adult shoe. You need to know how it is made, what benefits it provides for the well-being of the little one. If we dive into the sector, we see that not everyone prioritises the natural growth of the foot, we could therefore identify the companies that do it and stand out precisely for this trait. In Spain, one of the brands recognized for respecting the natural growth of children’s feet is Biomecanics.

Why does Biomecanics guarantee foot-friendly footwear?

To understand how Biomecanics has managed to transform the entire development process into children’s footwear with these properties, it is first of all necessary to know the origin of the product from its bases. The Garvalín group, the founder of Biomecanics, has started a collaboration with the Department of Biomechanics in Valencia (IBV), to analyze the needs of young children’s feet in their various stages of growth. The scientific study has clarified some aspects, including the properties that a child’s shoes must have in order to preserve the natural growth of the feet; it also allowed us to note that there were no brands in the sector that developed footwear taking into account all these characteristics. Thus, the brand Biomecanics was born in 1996, specializing from the start in footwear that respects children’s feet. Over the years, Biomecanics has become a leading brand in footwear that respects the little ones’ feet and has also received approval from the Spanish Association for Pediatric Nursing.

Which shoes help with the little ones’ natural growth?

The baby’s foot maintains constant development and may have different needs, depending on the stage of growth in which it is located. For this, Biomecanics has chosen a double line of children’s footwear. On one side is Biogateo, centered on the child’s crawling phase and its first steps, as the two phases usually overlap. On the other hand, we have the Bioevolution line with typical characteristics of the ongoing maturation phase. In Biogateo children’s footwear, the natural growth of the feet is a priority, starting directly from the last. It is designed with sufficient width so that they can move the toes freely and without narrowing the ankle.

In this type of footwear, the foot enters easily without forcing at any point and causing pressure on the foot. Very important in this design is the bottom, as it takes into account several properties, it must be thin and light, this facilitates proprioception when crawling and does not impair sensitivity. In addition, the bottom must be very flexible, in Biomecanics the focus is on dorsiflexion. This feature can be distinguished in a children’s shoe because when you hold it, it can be easily bent with one hand in all directions. The insole, on the other hand, is flat because the plantar arch first forms around the age of four. But it is important that it is removable, because that way you can air the shoe as often as necessary.

Biogateo footwear also has an external side stabilizer. It is useful in preventing the foot from moving without compressing the heel, and moreover, it retains the stability it has learned during the first few months and avoids falls and injuries. In the back, Biomecanics chooses a “U” incision that leaves the Achilles tendon free and thus allows you to crawl without inconvenience. He has also made sure to avoid the presence of edges or seams inside the shoe so that the little one does not like rubbing in this area. All these properties apply to children’s footwear that respects the foot and is made of breathable material as this prevents infections due to moisture.

Footwear properties that respect the maturation phase of the walk

Biomecanics also utilizes many of these features in its Bioevolution children’s footwear line, but it must of course be aware of the new needs that arise in the natural growth of the child’s feet. In fact, the foot grows rapidly during the maturation phase of the gait, but not constantly. Each size requires a shape that fits the foot not only in length but also in width. This is why Biomecanics is developing what it calls the evolutionary form. A shape that is also wide enough to continue to help with proper foot and toe growth. Compared to the Biogateo line, we have a slightly thicker sole here, from 5 to 10 mm, and in addition, the toe has a slightly stiff reinforcement, with which you get a correct protection of the fingers. Biomecanics keeps the material breathable during manufacture, to avoid infections due to moisture, as well as avoids edges and seams inside, to ensure maximum comfort for the little one.

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