F1 22, last round before the review | Tried

A few weeks after the release of F1 22, we would like to tell you our first impressions after spending a few hours with the new iteration of the famous Codemasters series.

Especially in this short preview, we want to focus on the new F1 Life, which more than a game mode for us seemed to be a real hub where fans can experience Formula 1 in all its aspects. A kind of love letter to this discipline, which reminded us of the concept on which the recent Gran Turismo 7 stands.

F1 22 and its F1 Life

In fact, personalization is the king of F1 Life. In addition to being able to create our avatar (by relying on limiting predefined models), we were able to dress it in the ways we like best, fishing with both hands from a pool of really plump clothing. Once we have created our virtual alter ego, we could dedicate ourselves to customization of our new home, change the style of the furniture by choosing the one that best represents us. Of course, it will be possible to visit the homes of our friends and celebrities online during a race.

F1 lifeHowever, it is not just tinsel and consumables. Within this hub full of things to do, we could actually buy the various cars, drive them, and exhibit them wherever we believe in our homes, as if they were trophies that could proudly be displayed to our guests. There is of course an item shop where you can buy clothes, accessories and furniture to expand our range of customizations.

F1 Life, while seemingly full of the possibilities available, a simple diversion cement remains a goal in itself, which, however, manages to restore Codemaster’s desire to start creating an experience that is not “limited” only to suggest a fantastic sim arcade but which expands to a real celebration of Formula 1 at three hundred and sixty degrees.

F1 2022

In addition to F1 Life, which we really spent a significant portion of our time on in the most misleading adaptations, the F1 2022 offers the canonical consequence of modes already known by fans. First of all, we find the “Career”, where we could, as usual, try our hand at a series of competitions using our car, properly set up, or one of those that already existed. Using the predefined vehicles, we were able to re-select start our adventure from Formula 2 or directly into Formula 1while if we choose to use a bespoke car, we could only start from Formula 1. There is very little to say about the career of the F1 202, yes it could already be said that the differences with the previous chapter are like this minimal to not even be clear, minus some archiving to the various stains present in the previous iteration.

Interesting, however, “The career for two”, where you and a playmate can meet the different races both as colleagues on the same team and as rivals, with the ability to handle rivalry, contracts and a whole range of aspects that make this state is really interesting . In addition to careers, F1 2022 offers the classic Grand Prix, time trial and the all-new Pirelli Hot Lap.

Where the Grand Prix represents the classic challenge, where we could select all aspects of the case (single weekend, series of races, circuits …), the time trials represent the canonical “sift towards itself”, where we try to improve our results on different circuit we will challenge the times for riders from all over the world … in an eternal infinite challenge.

Pirelli hot Lap, on the other hand, is another, very comfortable, novelty introduced with the F1 2022. This is a mode that allows you to drive carsor to put it in another way superbil, which we could buy to exhibit inside our F1 Life home. There are no purchase commitments, and almost the entire fleet can be tested, no matter what we own within F1 Life, but we appreciated the connection between the two modes and the specialty of being confronted with a range of challenges designed specifically for these cars in one game. dedicated to Formula 1.

F1 2022

These are challenges delimited by some specific goals, such as reaching a certain speed, fulfill Operation exactly or travel a predefined distance within a time limit, each of which, although conceptually interesting, does not present a precise driving model in all aspects. However, there is still that it is a very fun condition and that we will analyze with due care in our review.


Now we just have to dedicate ourselves to the continuation of the analysis of F1 2022, for the purpose of our next review, to dissect all aspects of the new Codemasters production and understand whether the driving model will prove to be better than before, and news in the technical sector, they will be able to guarantee the right “look” for a title that, despite the doubts we still have, promises to be really fun and rich in content.

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