Erap, squatters and arrears: screening underway to relaunch public housing for new emergencies (video interview)

PRESIDENT Saturnino Di Ruscio is conducting a survey of public housing on a regional scale and examining which real estate assets can increase the number of homes. Currently, Erap has 11,000 apartments on a regional scale and approx. 4000 under the leadership of the municipalities. There are about 1,200 in the province of Fermo

Saturnino Di Ruscio

by Francesco Silla

As a guest last night in the RadioFm1 studios, interviewed by Giorgio Fedeli during the Zoom program, Saturnino Di Ruscio talks to us about his new appointment as President of Erap Marche (Regional Body for Public Housing). A recent appointment that sees him personally involved in the reorganization of public housing.

“Erap Marche is an institution born of the” cold fusion “- jokes by President Di Ruscio – of five autonomous provincial bodies, and to date this operation has not had a real conclusion in the sense that there is Erap Marche but they five principals have full autonomy and therefore it becomes difficult to manage them.The institution deals with public housing construction, are valid professionals and we will work to better integrate all provincial principals. There is a need to reorganize the institution to make it more efficient and compact. Like all organizations close to politics, but less vulnerable, the institution suffers from self-reference. Instead, there must be a very strong disposition for the other, we must work to make the institution more transparent and available to those in need“.

Di Ruscio focuses on the spirit and mission he has set himself, emphasizing how the goal is “to make life better for people through more comfortable and green apartments. It is true that we work for the public body, municipalities and the Region, but the work we do has the ultimate goal of making these apartments suitable for the needs of those who need them ”.

So into the heart of the interview, Di Ruscio tells the state of the apartments in the Marche region: «The health condition of the apartments is generally uncertain because many apartments are many years old and need a more thorough maintenance.. However, the new buildings are on a par with quality construction with many amenities and low consumption. There is a lot to do for maintenance. Following in the footsteps of the previous government, we have accelerated the superbonus discourse and have intervened in about half of the assets of the Erap Marche with energy efficiency works, but not only, in the hope that Prime Minister Draghi will not “shut the taps”. Perhaps with regard to this super bonus, one could have prioritized public housing ».

We are talking about 11,000 apartments on a regional scale and about 4,000, which we manage for the municipalities.. IN province ferme we are talking about about 1,200 apartments. As I said, we have participated in several calls, including the NRP. I must say that the municipalities believe a lot in Erap and entrust us with many efforts, and we help them in the presentation of the calls. We have allocated funds for about one million euros plus fifty-three million euros in terms of the super bonus ».

After an excursion on the intervention situation, Di Ruscio focuses on the phenomenonillegal occupancy of housing: «These days we perform reconnaissance for all the lodgings to understand all the ambiguous situations mentioned above. There are special cases that need to be contained; we are talking about 200 cases of arrears and occupations in the province of Fermo. The main problems are not the occupations but the arrears, mainly due to objective difficulties with poverty. In these cases, it is important to have a dialogue with the municipalities, which I hope will cooperate more with the institution. There are very shrewd municipalities and others with whom we must establish a relationship.

The main problems facing the institution are “le lack of placements that do not help to allocate apartments to applicants. It is necessary to be able to cooperate territorially, some municipalities do not have wishes and many unused apartments, while others can not answer all wishes for housing. Collaborating and building is the way to be able to solve most of the precarious situations. I still do not have an overall picture since I just got in, but it is the main problems and the different situations that have to be faced. My goal is to return to a more stable situation in three years and close the open files. We can not ignore the new emergencies either. For example, I’m talking about single mothers, women with children, prostitution, the elderly over the age of 65, who are not completely self-sufficient with tutor families. There are many assets to recover, but there is a lack of money and a basic strategy ».


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