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The Desulo Cultural Summer starts on June 24 thanks to the first of the agreements with books edited by the Paensieri Association in collaboration with the “Montanaru” Desulo Municipal Library and the contribution of the Desulo Municipality. The dances open with Mauro Tetti and his new volume, “Nostalgie della terra” (Italo Svevo editions, 2021), on Friday at 6.30 pm in the square in Bar Centrale da Yuri. Sides that exude Sardinia, dreaming of the sea and the land that can be enjoyed in the beautiful mountain panorama that opens out to the square, now a permanent meeting place for agreements with culture in Desulo. Meeting aperitif on June 24, completely free (anyone who wants can have a drink at the bar), thus combines literature, village sociality and good food. In fact, some of the typical gastronomic products in the country will be offered, from bread to spiced meats.

The books – Other book deals will follow during the summer. On July 15 at 18.30 the square in the restaurant Gennargentu hosts Gloria Zoroddu, a 29-year-old poet from Orotelli, and her self-produced poetry book “Lei”. An intimate and intense journey to discover important issues, such as depression, the villages of Sardinia, youthful love. We remain on the topic of books and young authors with the agreement scheduled for Thursday, July 21 at. 21.45 on the square in Bar Centrale da Yuri: Giulio Neri, antiquarian and author from Cagliari, presents his latest literary work, “Carne”, published by Il Maestrale, a disrespectful analysis of modern times in an invented Southern Sardinia, but full of truth. The agreements with books end with a resurgence of Cristian Mannu, who again in the square in Bar Centrale da Yuri (at 21.45) on August 12 presents his “Portrait of a Woman”, published by Mondadori, which explores the most intimate and complex of bond, that between mother and daughter. Each evening is presented by Daniela Melis, President of Paensieri, with Alessandro Cauli, Partner of Paensieri and Librarian at Desulo.

Poetry – Live Poetic Camomile is back again this year. Wednesday, August 3 at 21.45 in the square in the Central Bar at Yuri, everyone will be able to read their poems, those written in their own hand or those they read, which they loved the most. A mandatory appointment in Desulo, home of Montanaru and many other poets. The appointment brings Paensieri’s online initiative, “Camomilla Poetica”, curated by Daniela Melis, live on Facebook every Wednesday at 22.00 on the street. Space also for drawing during the evening presented by the president himself: Francesca Frongia, architect, designer and partner of Paensieri, she will perform the living painting, living drawings projected on the wall.

The workshops – In Desulo two exceptional workshops in the former kindergarten, school complex. Friday, July 1 at 10, Daniele Mocci, author and screenwriter, will lead a two-hour workshop on comics for children ages 6 to 10, entitled “Let’s Play with Comics.” Friday, September 2, same place and same time, a new workshop with Andrea Pau, author and screenwriter. “From Guinizzelli to the Dark Polo Band”, as the workshop is called, lasts three hours and is aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 14. For both laboratories, registrations can be made at the municipal library.

The news – Paensieri’s cultural proposal for Desulo is enriched with DesDesDays, conceived and curated by Francesca Frongia and the architecture and design studio “” by Francesca Frongia and Giulia Biancu, small events to spread the design culture. These are of different types, intended for an adult audience, small groups only and for a fee (a small participation fee to cover expenses). “Walk + composition” (scheduled for Saturday 9 July and 10 September, participation fee 12 euros, max. 10 participants) includes a walk and composition according to the rules of visual design with natural elements. “Creative weaving”, ie the creation of a wooden frame and a canvas with different materials. The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 23, and the meeting will have a maximum of 8 participants and a participation fee of 40 euros. Then there is “Drink & Draw”, a drawing session with an informal party atmosphere: it is scheduled for Saturday 6 August for a maximum of 20 participants and a fee of 12 euros. Reservations are required for each of the activities. Place and time will be announced upon registration.

“It will be a crucial summer, the one with improvement after two years with restrictions and very few meetings – says Daniela Melis, 36, president of the Paensieri Association – For the cultural program for the summer of 2022, we have decided to put together the proposals that since ‘beginning characterized the path of Paensieri, and therefore presentations of books and agreements with poetry, and new activities, very innovative and stimulating.The goal is always the same: to keep the countries alive, to revive them again.This can only be done with a cultural program , which brings reflection and news, dialogue and encouragement, involves the people who have decided to live here, as well as local businesses, important realities for the countries’ present and future.We are sure that every single cultural proposal every year will be a new piece to make Desulo and the rest of the territory an increasingly inviting and habitable place, for both young and old, in this magnificent embrace of green mountains.


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