Decor 2021/22: what are the most popular trends?

Interior design trends for the year 2021-2022 revolve around a few key concepts, which are sustainability, minimalism and craftsmanship. Few ideas, however, contain committed views that the designers have turned down on several fronts to offer solutions that suit not only the luxury sector but also the more popular one. Functionality and technology remain central to production, basic concepts for making pieces that become more and more innovative each year. So here’s an in – depth look at this year’s trends.

A design that looks at sustainability

The attention to nature is also at the center in relation to the decor. In fact, the need to use sustainable or recyclable materials in this sector has also been accepted in order to reduce the environmental impact. We are therefore talking about vegetable plastics, antibacterial ceramics and glass, materials which, when their life cycle is over, can be recycled or composted. Nature is relevant not only in relation to the creation of materials, but it is a trend that more and more people are demanding inside their homes, also thanks to the pandemic that has made us need natural recalls to raise the quality of life within. living quarters. The external environment therefore pollutes the interior thanks to colors and patterns reminiscent of the plant world. Natural light is utilized and enhanced by glass, a material that is not only eco-sustainable because it is completely recyclable, but above all useful for maximizing the natural light in the home. Through some special techniques for processing and cutting the glass with relief and tracking of the measuresit is possible to create functional and unique interior design elements that punctually follow the indications of those who have requested the processing, a competitive factor for those who want to enrich their interior or exterior by taking advantage of the great customization that this material allows.

Glass and natural light: How to optimize room lighting

In the past year, glass has already proven to be the leading material in home decor trends. There is room for glass doors, large windows and partitions that delimit the rooms without compromising on light transmission. Not only transparent glass: the functionality of stained glass or opaque inserts useful for creating special atmospheres or decorating environments are also highlighted. In fact, there is an increasing demand for tailor-made and therefore completely adapted glassworks, which in an exclusive way adapt and improve any type of premises, both private and commercial.

Yes to minimalism, but without sacrificing comfort

When it comes to design, the concept of minimalism is not synonymous with renunciation, on the contrary, the minimalist style allows the body to regain space, without giving way to the superfluous. The rooms are therefore more spacious and free. Comfort and viability are the main characters in this idea, just think of the trend of shower rooms, which in recent years have become ever larger and free of any strain, in full minimal style.

Make room for open space design

Natural light is also amplified by open space trend, an increasingly widespread trend. The walls have therefore been redesigned to create unique spaces that are brighter in the absence of partitions. In the living room we therefore find the kitchen, the dining room can accommodate a small study or the goal is directly to create a unique environment that can be utilized for various activities. Therefore, the key word is always functionality. The materials that are best suited for this type of structure are glass, stone or wood, material elements with great aesthetic impact that do not compromise on the environmental.

The success of the Italian bedding

Bedding is also a very important element in home decor. Among other things, Italy’s success in the bedding sector is quite significant. Trends sees the use of natural materials like linen and cotton, while the color combinations and patterns have no boundaries and can be customized to get closer and closer to the concept of bespoke linen made to measure for your home.

An eye to the outside

Equally important are the outer spaces of the houses, which are becoming more and more refined and unique. Furniture always combines a strong aesthetic impact with functionality that is even more important for living outdoors in peace and comfort. Abstract shapes and elegant lines are therefore preferred, while materials of natural origin and easy to maintain are preferred. In addition, it has now become crucial to create shady areas for those who have large terraces and gardens. Particularly remarkable is the use of bioclimatic pergolas that transform the outdoor spaces into real living rooms that make the exteriors of the houses become an extension of the interior.

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