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On Saturday afternoon, June 18, 2022, at the Johannes Paul II Auditorium in Vitulazio (CE), the XX edition of the “Ambiente Cultura Legalità” event was unveiled in connection with which the 15th volume of the series “Who is it? We pass on to posterity those who deserve to be remembered ”, a collection of characters, fiction and poetry edited by the inexhaustible Franco Falco and his collaborators.

On stage followed the interventions of the young journalist Chiara Mastroianni and Prof. Francesco Fraioli, who in an exhaustive way presented the three episodes of volume XV in the series “Who is it? We pass on to posterity those who deserve to be handed over”: characters , fiction and poetry, also focusing on the meaning of the keywords that have always followed the event, which have now consolidated over time in the regional panorama and beyond.

The deputy director of the magazine Dea Notizie, journalist Domenico Valeriani moderated and coordinated the interventions.
Psychologist Dr. Adelchi Berlucchi socialized issues and problems associated with bullying and cyberbullying; Andrea Izzo, former principal, made a detailed study of the most significant characters present in the fifteen volumes of the series, an intervention that was followed and appreciated because it highlighted many stories of “small and large heroes”, which has engaged, with dedication and sacrifice in the social, cultural and Christian field; Dr. Vincenzo Trinchillo, Judge at the Court of Naples, interested the attentive audience in terms of concepts, behaviors and values ​​in the areas of environment, culture and legality, as well as resorting to essential quotes from Giovanni Falcone.
Inside the Auditorium, it was possible to admire and appreciate the exhibition of two artists from Bellona: Maria Salerno, the creator of “Clarem incanto” and the painter Rita Zampella with some of her paintings.

At the end of the interesting reports made by the speakers, who received strong appreciation, deus ex machina of the event, Franco Falco, took the floor and congratulated the speakers, thanked the participants and managed the delivery of the certificates to the chosen ones, constituted by the Association’s Wise Committee.

Particularly welcome and appreciated were the participation of the mayors Raffaele Russo (Vitulazio), Giovanni Sarcinella (Bellona), Giovanni Lombardi (Calvi Risorta), Giovanni Corbisiero representing Arcangelo Russo Mariglianella), Raffaele De Leonardis (Qualiano), Mayor of Limatola), who also represented his son Domenico, reaffirmed as Mayor in the recent election hearing on Sunday 12 June, and this shows that the environment, culture and legality go well with the administration of the public good. The Municipal Board of the Civic Administration of Mariglianella, Giovanni Corbisiero, delegated by Mayor Arcangelo Russo, gave his family the certificate of merit for “Memory” to Martina Ciliberti for “The will, courage and determination to fight the monster of the century”; The president of the organizing association Dea Sport Onlus from Bellona, ​​Franco Falco, presented Dr. Giovanni Lombardi the certificate of merit for “the great commitment in the field of health and human beings in the profitable action carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic”, the mayor of Qualiano, Raffaele De Leonardis, presented Prof. Davide Morgera with the certificate of appreciation for “promoting culture”; Michele Parisi, former mayor of Limatola municipality, gave her family the “memory certificate” to the doctor-veterinarian Dr. Agostino Bernardo for “Dedication, Compassion and Accessibility to Perform the Profession in the Limatola Community”.

Exciting was the delivery of the certificate, with a shopping voucher and a personal t-shirt, to the brothers Emanuel and Carmen Di Lillo, a boy and a girl as good as bread, for having won the competition “Get better, the goddess Sport”. observes. ”Only hugs and cleaning in the streets made these two brothers an example to the whole community. Dr. Giovanni Sarcinella, the new mayor of Bellona, ​​presented the certificate of appreciation to the Italian Voluntary Association of the Blood Section in Bellona to the President of the same Giovanni Magliocca and to each member of the “Constant Commitment to Save Lives”; the councilor of Calvi Risorta municipality in charge of civil protection, Giuliano Cipro, presented the certificate of appreciation to Calvi Risorta’s municipal group for civil protection to the coordinator of the same, Nicolas Raccio and a certificate to each member “Thank you for the commendable work, sharp action and commendable commitment, offered to secure citizenship during the Covid-19 pandemic “; Dr. Giovanni Lombardi, Mayor of Calvi Risorta, presented the certificate of appreciation to the Civil Protection “Cales” in Calvi Risorta, to the President of the same, Dr. Antonio Viggiani and a certificate to each member “What thanks for the work commendable, the sharp action and the commendable commitment offered to protect the bourgeoisie during the Covid-19 pandemic”; Mons. Don Antonio Iodice, parish priest of Bellona, ​​presented the certificate of appreciation to the Caritas Association of Bellona to President Dr. Gabriele Russo and a certificate to each volunteer member of the same for “Thank you for the availability and the self” refusal to reach out to the other “. President Franco Falco presented a certificate of loyalty to Gianni Cimminiello for publishing his poems in all volumes of our book. The following participated in the implementation of the event:
Reception: the hostesses from ISISS “Ugo Foscolo” Tourism Institute – Sparanise;
Order service: Civil protection – Vitulazio
Photoshoot: – Ing. Gianfranco Falco – Bellona
Video recording: Fusco Studios by Giuseppe Fusco – Bellona;
Amplification and sound service: Nicola Parisi – Calvi Risorta;
Flower service and scenography: “La Gardenia” – Bellona.
The event was broadcast live on the Dea Notizie Facebook page by Eng. Gianfranco Falco under the direction of Giuseppe Fusco.
The sponsored event:
– Margarito Clothes – Vitulazio;
– Autobella spare parts and car rental – Bellona;
– Alex – Vitulazio driving school;
– Decò Giudicianni and Via Matteotti – Bellona;
– Emmemarket Decò Martino – Bellona and Pignataro;
– Sammaritana Graphics – Vitulazio;
– Masserie by Giuseppe Carusone – Bellona;
– Fusco feed – Bellona;
– MGL announcement by Mariano Migliaccio – Capua;
– Paolo Fasulo Hairdresser – Bellona;
– Pizzeria Bella Napoli – Bellona;
– Pizzeria Bella Vista – Bellona;
– Pizzeria Al Monticello – Bellona;
– Blue Grotto Pizzeria – Bellona;
– Despar-Giò Group supermarkets – Bellona and Pignataro Maggiore
– Sporting World Aurilio – Vitulazio.

The event ended with thunderous and well-deserved applause and with the announcement that given the persistence of the pandemic and the not entirely reassuring forecasts for next fall-winter, the XXI edition of the Ambiente Cultura Legalità will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023!

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