Blu Yoshimi, Nanni Moretti, Ricki Tognazzi and today Il Nido

Blu Yoshimi, 25 years old, where she as a 9-year-old has tried her hand at acting. From theater to cameras to the small and large screen has today, June 20, debuted on digital platforms with psychological thrill directed by Mattia Temponi Reason (El Nido).

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Inside one El Nidoa modern and welcoming getaway, two strangers meet. Will be (Blue Yoshimi): a problematic girl from a good family. Ivan (Luciano Cáceres): a man who is apparently anonymous and harmless, but who hides a dark past. They are safe and protected from the outside world, but the girl has become infected and is slowly becoming a monster. But instead of killing her, Ivan decides he will try to cure her. Thus, their descent begins in a spiral of manipulation and deception. And it’s among the meanders in this one modern horror adventure that Blu told himself between the lines of VelvetMAG. Starting right from his origins when he made his film debut in 2008 next door Nanni Moretti in the movie Fun chaos.

Blue Yoshimi
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Exclusive by Blu Yoshimi a VelvetMAG

If your artistic career was represented by a map, the starting point is your cinema debut with Nanni Moretti in 2008 with Fun chaos?

I’m back on set with Nanni Moretti in the direction of his next movie, and it’s curious how often it all comes back. Perhaps one of the memories that left the most traces in me was when Moretti told and treated me right away like a professional. As well as Antonello Grimaldidirector of Fun chaos. In Nanni, too, quarreled, a “detail” emphasizing how much he has always treated me at his height. But not only that, Nanni has an attitude proactive towards the youngest and the way of relating to him was built precisely on this principle at that time.

Blue Yoshimi
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Continuing the chronology of your career, let’s jump to 2012 with Applause and spit, miniseries dedicated to Enzo Tortora by Ricky Tognazzi.

Also there I was small but also a little older and I tried myself with a set that told a story true storyand that was one of the times I I felt a certain responsibility by bringing it to the small screen. Being part of a cast that tells a story that really happened and telling with the idea that some of the people who have lived the depths of that life can still see it again – whether it’s on a small or large screen – bears a responsibility.

Voliamo all’oggi, June 20, 2022, is available on all movie and TV series distribution platforms Reason. Usually it refers to the smell of the home, to the heat, but in it told by the director Temponi it is an ambiguous “place”. Tell us about your character: Sara.

Reason it demonstrates how reality far exceeds the imagination. And I also think it highlights something that has been underestimated in real life, which it is Not all homes are places that make you safe. In fact, I’m thinking of the increase in case Domestic violence that there was during shutdown. When I mean that depression among young people to it increased during the period of restrictions from Covid-19. Reason in my case it was one strong film for many reasons.

Blue Yoshimi ne
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Sara has something very fat. She is a very multifaceted female character: self-contradictory, uncomfortable in some moments. But Sara also has a sweet side, and it has enormous darkness who eats it. Precisely the darkness that binds and reproduces it depending on the will of another, in this case by Ivan. Here we introduce ourselves to the feeling of not having another choice when we live in a violent, toxic and manipulative relationship.

How did you prepare to play Sara? Who were you inspired by?

I’ve seen a lot of genre movies, even the most recent ones. I’ve also always had mine Muse, Natalie Portmanfocuses a lot on the roles he brought on stage, such as ne The Black Swan where Portman himself had the idea of ​​this inner monster that he was going out. Reasonit was a film that on a personal level left its depth, one action of courage which introduced me to all the situations that scare me. The movie scared me right awaybut not because it is one horrorbut because it took me to get closer to the dark. And sometimes it’s not the most fun in the world to see the darkness in your face. With Reason I wanted to do it and have fun with it, even to the point that the usual wonderful acting is back.

I would like to call her catharsis. In return, it’s a movie that came at the right time. I was ready, also because I had already had something sharp in my personal life, f with Sara we really shook hands to go together. I experienced a personal situation – I do not say sentimental – but well-known manipulative. When I lived it, I felt something that made me go on and say: “I do not want to be the victim, but I do not want to be the executioner either”. And when I realized I did not like playing that “game”, there was a pure pause. The years went by, there were comparisons, surveys and surveys, and then I chose and gave up everything else.

This year, the degree in DAMS has also arrived. Do you want to try your hand at film writing?

Change instrument, because obviously I, as an actor, am more in the service of a story. Writing, on the other hand, allows me to be a little more in power to instruct a story. This also happens when you take on a role on a set, especially when you are the main characters. With Reason it is a film that I, for example. felt as much as mine. I felt like I was doing it with Mattia, Luciano (Ivan) and the whole team.

Blue actress And Blu author yes, they are different, but maybe because I can give more in writing room for my personality. In fact, I get very close drama. While as an actor I find myself experimenting more because I am somehow putting myself at the service of the script, and therefore of the writers and the story you want to tell. The responsibility I feel as an actress I feel just as much as when I write.

Blue Yoshimi
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On which side do you see yourself most present in the future?

First of all, it’s a period where I’m struggling to see from here on out. Since I focus a lot on the present, I have no idea. If you were to listen to my wish, this is it no one takes over, but because they are complementary arts and which I would like to be able to cultivate together. What I am writing at the moment is female stories. There are some that I would like to interpret for example, but others that I would rather write to get them interpreted.

Blue, a delicate, unusual and unique name …

We should actually thank mom. At the time she was pregnant, she was studying sociology, and according to legend, she was preparing a thesis for an exam that blue would have come intocollective imagination through the ad. Steps that happened if we think about Facebook or Twitter. Color to have so communicative qualities, which makes you feel safe and which leads to the opening of dialogue. I arrived right at that point and in short, that’s how it was. While Yoshimi is a name that was given to me by Daisaku Ikedahonorary chairman of Soka Gakkai international and funds beautiful and good. Refrain it is definitely one artist name And Does not is a last name, but a name is actually on the document. Since I was a kid, I decided to take it with me, in every small and big victory.

Blue Yoshimi
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Velvet Mag had the pleasure of interviewing Lidia Vitale a few months ago. For everyone a great interpreter, for you too mom and him who gave you Blu. The same art creates a double thread around the two of you, but in what do you see yourself in her?

In my opinion, we have many things in common and just as many that make us two independent people. She definitely passed it on to me and then I cultivated it in my life and I talk about that driving force. never stop. We will continue to have relapses both, for yes, life is like this, with ups and downs, but I think both my mother and I have the strength to say: “No, I’m moving on, I’m getting up and even better than before”. Seeing this strength never let up encourages me a lot.

Becoming an actor was natural. There passion – of course – the fed according to Contact with my mother, by having accompanied her to the various workshops and seen many films. And then I decided many times to become an actor. I decided this every day because I always knew this would be it. And after learning about it, my mother advised me to start studying, a path that allowed me to have my own independent path. Together it’s funbecause we are two artists with their paths that lead us to confront each other, and above all, we respect each other.

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