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GIAVENO – The children of Blessed Virgin Consolata Kindergarten School from Giaveno they went to visit Atlantis Lost World Dinosaur Park and San Secondo di Pinerolo. “A dip in the law! Wow … Oh … It’s huge!“These were the first words from the children when they came in. “Dinosaurs no longer exist …“- Emanuela and Claudia explained and presented some of the 30 dinosaurs – and fossils still exist today …“Children have become Junior Paleontologists for a day and searched for dinosaur pieces inside some tanks showing the different layers of the earth. A very exciting excursion, a journey of knowledge of the world of dinosaurs and prehistory.


In a few days summer center of Blessed Virgin Consolata Kindergarten School of Giaveno. It will be active from 1 to 29 July from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 18. It is aimed at local children aged three to six, who have attended the first year of kindergarten. As in previous years iscreative laboratories, cognitive games, walks and fresh canteen. The activities are organized outdoors in the school garden, on the beautiful lawn packed with plants and games, and are handled by the internal teaching staff. Every week there will be organized excursions or activities with associations dealing with animation.


There BV Consolata kindergarten is an equal school with an agreement with the municipality of Giaveno and affiliated with FISM, the Italian association of kindergartens. That the relationship with families is constantto ensure a home-school synergy that helps and supports children in their daily lives. The update is ongoingover the years, the school has always known to grow with modernity and openness to new pedagogical, didactic and personal growth horizons.


  • it has one inside Spring section dedicated to children aged between 24 and 36 months with specific training and education courses
  • has an active pre- and post-school service, remains open from 7.30 in the morning until 18.00 in the evening. This is to facilitate the needs of working parents
  • has a fresh canteen with internal kitchen and allows for personal diet for celiacs and food intolerances
  • the activities are handled by school staffnot from cooperatives or external associations
  • organizes in laboratories: musical, creative artistic, mathematical logic, prescription, gardening, English 4 and 5 years, reading what a passion
  • practice sports activities: skiing, swimming, judo, sports
  • have plenty uderum with patio and equipped garden
  • activated it neuro-psychomotor counter in collaboration with Giaveno Municipality
  • he devised Program for school holidays. It is the opportunity for those enrolled to go to school even during interruption of school activity during the holiday periods (Christmas, Carnival and Easter).
  • is open in July like Summer center. It welcomes local children who have attended the first year of kindergarten. The summer center is always run by teachers and school staff.

The team from Beata Vergine Consolata Nursery School in Giaveno is available to provide information and advice to families with experience, professionalism and competence. To stay updated about initiatives and consult the school’s works, you can visit page Facebook official.

Preschool and Spring Section BV Consolata – Via Canonico Pio Rolla, 6. Giaveno – Tel. 011 937 6552 – E-mail:

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