Beelzebub: The demon in mass culture

May the prince of demons become one star in real world? Apparently, if your name is Beelzebub the answer is only one: Yes. One among most powerful devils of the world of the underworldin fact, he succeeded creep so much in mass culture from lose anyone mysterious or esoteric aura and become something known, known and – at times – too on a. That demon appeared in an indefinite quantity computer gamesin some TV series and even comes quoted often i movieas you do for grades like Madonna or Beyoncé. His Birthhowever, it must be placed at the time of Bible where, to tell the truth, it is not yet known what it was referred to by naming it.

Beelzebub and the Bible: this is where it appears

That Beelzebub demon would fall in between three most powerful devils Of allHell with Lucifer And Astaroth and according to esoteric theories treated by exorcists how Father Amorthwould be the prince of the underworld. His first namein fact, it also occurs in Bible at least to trin: the first is it Second King’s Bookconsulted by Ahaziah how king of Ekron to find out if the damage reported as a result of a fall from the window would have been permanent; the other is in The Gospel of Matthewwhere the evangelist refers to him as the prince of devils. But as often happens The sacred text of Christianitythere is inconsistencies much in translation when you transcription at the hand of the words: i Greek version ofOld Testamentin fact, it refers to god of Ekron with the name of Baal muianwhile i same version of Evangelieris the name of the prince of demons Beelzeboul. We’ll talk about then same figure? And what then is the correct version of the name? In fact, we still do not know how to answer these questions security.

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Beelzebub’s name: some hypotheses

Concept Beelzebub presents some blurred origin to theologians And occultists they are still trying To explain. One of hypothesis most accredited is thatappellation by which we refer to the demon may originate from first name of The Phoenician god Ekron the ten Jewish is specified as Ba’al zēbūbtranslated to the deity of the fliesthat is, something considered annoying. However, other scholars among which Friedrich WA Baethgen in fact, claims this name can not have a derogatory meaning: Baalin fact, it would have been correlated with fluer because thought sacred animals and attached to a lively season like summer. Finally, there are a few theorists which in a much simpler way tends to connect with the name of Beelzebub same meaning as Satan in JewishThat means opponent. The latter theory, however, did not find a large number of follower among the subject’s researchers.

Beelzebub in mass culture

No matter whatthe origin of its namewhat is certain is that the figure of Beelzebub appeared several times in mass culturebe quite or bearing character from comics, manga, RPGs, computer games, TV series And movie.

Comics and manga

That demonin fact, he appeared in many gods comics focused on Tex Willer and one the whole manga of the same name: the work was published between 2009 and 2015while you are in Italy was edit from Star comics only from 2011 with a cadence Every other month. In the drawings of Ryhuei TamuraBeelzebub is actually that the prince of demons in the form of a baby collected from River from Tatsumi Oga: hans future is it off destroy humanity once it became adult. Also much earlier the devil had appeared in Italian cartoon Geppo Are you manwha Korean The God of High School.

comics and manga

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Video games and role-playing games

regarding RPGsBeelzebub performs in D&D and his name gets a completely different name means: he is referred to as Lord of the Flies because, literally quoted, “Not even a fly could escape its intrigues”. His character is actually one of those archduke of Ni Ingeri from Baator.

In it computer gamesinstead, the demon is one of the absolute main characters from Shin Megami Tenseiin which it is inserted as counting bad of divinity Baal. There Sheet System work then he involved him in Granblue Fantasy Versus to PS4while you are in Castlevania Symphony of the Night looks like chief of one alchemy laboratory and is represented as zombie. In the series Isaac’s bondfinally it is transformation of Grade rector features three elements always attached to fluer.

Movies, TV series and cartoons

Beelzebub was too quite of some movie And cartoons. IN Digimon Tamersis for example megadigvolution from Impmonwhile i sixth series of same media franchise and digivolution from Baalmon.

To movie theater appeared in Persistent D and the fate of rock Directed by Liam Lynch in 2006: The demon is actually coming quoted both in song initial Kickapoo both in Beelzeboss even though it is in fact with its own first name we generally refer to Satangenuine opponent in the affair.

Finally, Beelzebub he was also one of them sign of TV series from Douglas Mackinnon Good alerts which we look forward to second season: she was called to put on her clothes Anna Maxwell Martin.

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