ATRI – The events planned for the summer of 2022 by the Abruzzo Ontario Association will take place in Atri (Teramo), in the magnificent surroundings of Piazza Duchi D’Acquaviva, included in the schedule of the AtrIncontra review, which includes a program filled with events for a summer dedicated for art, culture, entertainment, music, entertainment and more.

From 25 June to 10 August, again starting at 21.30, a number of events were prepared and arranged with famous guests from the worlds of entertainment, culture, music and art.

The calendar, which is divided into three main themes and spans five weekends or more, includes meetings with the authors: listening to their stories about books, biographies, and life stories; words and music: anecdotes and secrets from lyricists, singers and musicians, amidst friendly talk while listening to the most famous songs; ‘close’ meetings with the artists: for unforgettable evenings with show VIPs, engaged in concerts, theater performances and performances at the highest level.

The first of these events will be on Saturday, July 2, with Peppe Millanta and the overwhelming comedy of Federica Cifola.

Then it’s Sunday the 3rd trip to prof. Massimo Galli And Lorella Bertogliowith their Gallipediafor an evening that promises to be like that, we hope, of the last words about Covid.

The following weekend, dedicated to journalism and author history, begins with an absolute national preview: Friday, July 8, the show “Il duce delinquente” Aldo Cazzullo And Moni Ovadia and with the participation of Giovanna Famulari.

Follows Saturday the 9th Director Mario Giordanospecial and well-known voice from TV, who will present his book Trombonesdiscusses its contents and stories with the President of the Abruzzo Regional Council Lorenzo Sospiri.

And then on Sunday the 10th a really big bookstore with millions of copies sold: Gianrico Carofiglio who will appear in a fantastic literary reading entitled “The Power of Kindness”.

Women’s weekend, between words and music, the next, which begins, Friday the 15th at Grazia Di Micheleto continue, the following day, Saturday, July 16, with Violante Placido.

That weekend ends Sunday, the 17th with a fun and entertaining play that will be seen on the Atrian stage Diego Ruiz And Milena Miconi.

Friday the 22nd is the main character and author of one of the most watched TV series, Doc in your hands: Pierdante Piccionialways for the genre Atrincontra l’author.

Announced as an “evening of surprise” on Saturday the 23rd (behind the scenes instead of talking about a meeting with Gigi Marzullo… still being defined), we arrive on Sunday the 24th, where the famous singer-songwriter of Abruzzo origin Mimmo Locasciulli will be on stage in a ‘live’ concert, which could also be hosted by the young and now hoarse colleague Setak in the role of special guest.

We will then arrive at the grand finale with other ’90 pieces …

Okay, Saturday, July 30th will be on stage Edoardo Leo in his now very famous “I’ll tell you a story”, a sold-out show in many Italian places, with the famous Roman actor appearing in self-portraits and memories, ranging from true stories, semi-series and captivating anecdotes.

Tuesday the 9th of August the mega concert of Francesco Gabbani.

And then last but not least, the association’s “gift” evening to the city and the territory: Wednesday the 10th over on the night of the stars, the end of the review with the evening d. Flavio Insinnaa name and a face that needs no introduction other than an invitation to be present.

A “gem” that the review and one of its curators who created it are proud of will be the “literary forenoon” that will often anticipate the appointments on the calendar: works by other artists and authors will be presented, which will captivate the public with the story of their texts and of themselves. Among these special and interesting appointments, including those with Lorenza Stroppa, Vittorio Macioce (finalist at the Comiso Prize), Maura Chiulli And Stefano Redaelli.

The President’s Abruzzo Ontario Association project is certainly ambitious Antonio Di Muscianowhich claims that “AtrIncontra is a wide-ranging cultural qualification project that we intend to offer the city, the area and all tourists and guests in the area, quality and remarkable prestige evenings to make Atri and Abruzzo even more attractive, thanks to the support of the idea from The municipality and above all from the Region, which has now made the review and the festival its own, and combines the name Abruzzo with the initiative ”.

Even more pleased with the municipal administration, as the mayor Piergiorgio Ferretti and the Councilor for Culture and Tourism Mimma Centoramethey said they were “excited about the billboard proposed by AtrIncontra, for years the infallible support of the Atrican summer with a contribution, in the form of evenings, shows and very high quality of the same, which gives prestige to the city, and suggests writers and characters that make Atri also attractive to magical evenings under the stars. “

Even the region did not fail to emphasize its satisfaction with the first words of the Minister of Culture and Tourism. Daniele D’Amariostressing that “it is with great pleasure that Abruzzo supports and supports initiatives such as the AtrIncontra revue, where art, culture, music and many other forms of entertainment are mixed and alternated, allowing the territory and its guests to to get to know characters and works of enormous value and to nurture the image of a region capable of satisfying everyone’s tastes and interests “.

AtrIncontra has tried to select all the proposals accurately to diversify and involve all age groups and interests, aiming at names with national and international appeal and real talent. Author talks, concerts, theater performances, meetings with the authors, music and words and lots of fun: There will be live concerts, theme nights and appointments to follow on the website’s event calendar and on the social pages.

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