“At the school for health”: education to support young people’s health and well-being (20/06/2022)

A training, support and orientation course aimed at high school teachers and educators with the theme of health education and well-being for the youngest, boys and girls between 14 and 19 years, one of the hardest hit age groups from the pandemic also from a social and psychological point of view .

To activate the path, from the name “At the health school”becomes Cittadinanzattiva which today presents the same during a webinar on Zoom (here to subscribe), with the participation of Anna Lisa Mandorino (Secretary-General of the Cittadinanzattiva), Adriana Bizzarri (national coordinator for the Active Citizenship School), Giulia Ponsiglione (National Association of High Professionalism of the School, Giovanni RezzaDirector General of Health Prevention – Ministry of Health, the Honorable Paolo Sianithe science journalist Roberta Villa.

The path will primarily be developed online, will be supported by a multimedia guide and divided into twelve thematic modules to address – with more awareness, new methods and innovative tools – problems that are now part of children’s daily lives and which manifest themselves strongly as well. in the classroom: caring for oneself and one’s psycho-physical health; the importance of exercise, proper nutrition and the disorders that can occur; emotion management; re-acquisition of relationships with peers; the problems of dependence on the network and social networks; the importance of global health and international bodies, health services and reference agencies; health professionals to use, as well as their parents and teachers; conscious and responsible use of drugs. Upper secondary school leaders and teachers can now express their interest in participating in the completely free course by writing to scuola@cittadinanzattiva.it and indicating name, surname, school and reference city.

Psychophysical health emergency in adolescents: post-pandemic data

According to WHO statistics, the number of people suffering from mental disorders continues to grow: among children and young people, the proportion varies between 10 and 20%. The pandemic has exacerbated the situation, drastically increasing the access of minors to the emergency room for neuropsychiatric reasons; especially for “suicidal thoughts” the incidence has increased by 147% and eating disorders by 78.4% (Italian Society of Pediatrics). Even the guarantor of childhood and adolescence stated in his recent report to Parliament among them five emergencies today for children and young people it about the “general deterioration of the well-being of children and young people, to which it will be necessary to introduce adequate responses, which unfortunately has so far been lacking”.

Out of a sample of 5,713 young people who participated in the Cittadinanzattiva survey “Ora parliamo noi” in 2021, more than half (58%) acknowledged that the forms of psycho-physical discomfort have increased among their peers. 63% experienced mood swingsfollowed by sleep disorders (57%). In third place is given increasing in eating disorders (46%), followed by want to be alone (39%) and of awareness of being hyper-connected (almost 38%); to follow in verbal and physical aggression behavior towards others (32.5%) but also episodes of self-harm (18%).

Access to and viewing of pornographic material is also increasing (30%), ie tobacco use (31%) and of alcoholic (24%), as well as that of substances (13%) and part play (10%). The rise in episodes of cyberbullying: Every seventh young person claims to have witnessed it and every tenth to have been a victim.

The school is one of the places where one can be privileged to propose and develop new approaches that are able to influence the young people’s health education, their knowledge and their behavior, and also one of the spaces where they can intercept their first manifestations of discomfort.“, he comments Adriana Bizzarri, National School Coordinator for Cittadinanzattiva. “That is why we have been working for two years to create teaching materials such as the Guide and the educational course “At the school for health” aimed at teachers and educators who interact with young people so that they acquire the tools and recognize reference points to be supported on this growth path and become the main characters , the builders of their own health and well-being. In particular, the curriculum subject civic education offers itself as a valuable cross-cutting space to address issues related to the health of very young people and promote an active role. At the same time, we believe that the role and coordination between school policies and health policies is crucial for the two ministries, especially to reactivate and expand the network of health schools, to make the educational offerings from the subjects structural and synergistic. and set up territorial psychological-medical-social support services that schools can turn to ”.

During the afternoon webinar, the guide “A scuola di salute” and the relative path of teachers will be presented. It is also available on Cittadinanzattiva Youtube channel at short film “Super Caterina”, aimed at primary school children, and on good hygiene habits that must be observed to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

The materials and the entire “A scuola di salute” course are made with the unconditional support of Federchimica – Assosalute.

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