Arthur Ristor, and they all lived colorfully and happily

Reality is too gray in his eyes. Here because, Arthur Ristor, French designer-artist born in 1991, wants to paint the world in colors. And it does so by producing surrealistic objects itself, such as the Tiffany Chair (2020), a 65 cm high sculpture armchair made entirely of Tiffany glassor as its website, imagined as a virtual playground.

“Our” direct environment “is too functional, there is no room for poetry, thought and dreaming, is heartless. When I talk about the direct environment, I think about what I see when I go out, for example when I go shopping or do duties. What surrounds us should be more happy and colorfulit’s a shame that people leave a smile at home every morning ».

Arthur Ristor was born near Paris in Creteil, «but I lived my childhood in Meaux, always a short distance from the capital. In my teens, when my parents love the sun, we moved to Carcassonne, in the south of France. As a teenager, the landscape was a strong lever for my imagination, now I work in my home studio in Paris, which is less sunny than the French south, but I like the city for its cosmopolitanism.

From the mirror Épi d’or (2022) for salad servers Batavia (2021), for the egg cup Confetti (2021), all his creations are completely covered stained glassoften combined with felt: «The Tiffany technique is almost forgotten, a shame, because colored glass is a material with several virtues, it is transparent, rhythmic, with endless reflections and with different interpretive possibilities. I match the glass with the felted wool as it is tactile, soft, rich in colors, easy to work with and suitable for covering any element. My goal is to spread color everywhere, in order to create friendly spaces and objects to interact with, we must regain our childish curiosity ‘.

As a source of inspiration, he quotes his parents: “They are not artists, but they have instilled in me a passion for music, literature, green spaces, travel, the beach, flowers, the sun, in good times, and I think design helps to appreciate life”.

Among his teachers he remembers: “Reichsreich Hundertwasserwas the “enemy” of the straight line, in his philosophy he integrated as an architect and builder values ​​such as human dignity, creativity, psychological health. I also have a “crush” onArt brutthat is, the current, according to which even those who do not have an artistic education can express something, without shame, naively «.

From his approach apparently naive a breadth of interests and boundless curiosity emerges: “I admire the art of Niki de Saint Phallefrom Gaudi, but also the cinema of Federico FelliniTim Burton, Terry Gilliam, directors who, through architecture, costumes, music, have made life more theatrical ».

Right now, the young and multifaceted creative is working on a free exhibition with a ceramicist-illustrator friend: “It will be an exhibition for fun. I also make decor for one wine barthis is the first time I am working on a different scale and I am evolving with Manufacture of Emaux de Longwy a colored terracotta vase, which will be available in 2023 ».

But he has a big dream in the drawer: «To create a house completely in glass with a rainbow effect, flooded with natural light, a house where there will be partying every day, with sweets in glass boxes, and a large furry dog ​​to play with, where even the street lamps are made of colored glass, no gray or metal, but only screens that are reflected everywhere. I also dream of a collaboration with a footwear craftsman to design some multicolored shoes. Imagine if cars had patchwork bodywork yellow, blue and red, in this colorful world people would be happier and they would write poems, songs, draw drawings and eat good things’.


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