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Autogrill is launched Love “Do Eat Better”, the new kitchen concept fast relaxed Italian style and the first format with table service on the highway. The inauguration took place in the store of Montepulciano eastopens soon too for Badia Al Pino.
The layout of the premises is studied in detail to represent three settings that tell the variation in our country. From the decor to the dishes, each element aims to enhance the distinctive aspects of the cuisine and design in the regions of the north, center and south.

Autogrill, AMORE the first restaurant with table service on the highway. Video

VIDEO-Autogrill, AMORE the first restaurant with table service on the highway. Video

Amore meets the needs of all travelers with greedy and customized menus, signed by some of the greatest Italian chefs: Andrea Ribaldonepasta masters, Renato Bosco“pizzaricercatore”, Simone Salvinifor green and vegan dishes, Luca Montersino and Sal De Riso, with their signature patisserie. We talked about it in an interview with Luca D’Alba, Commercial Director Europe & Italy Autogrill Spa.

Autogrill, Luca D’Alba: “Love, a new restaurant format that best expresses the Italian food and wine culture”

VIDEO Autogrill, Luca D’Alba: “Love, a new restaurant format that best expresses the Italian food and wine culture”

What is love?

Love is a new restaurant format that we opened in Montepulciano and shortly in Badia Al Pino. Here we are inside Madfabrikken, where we have created a faithful copy of the store, where we have tried the decor, appearance and menu. A great innovation because we want to switch from a fast catering mode self-service to a modality, always informal, but with table service. In a captivating environment that can best express the Italian food and wine culture.

What is behind the search for the products that are then served?

A good job by the research and development team because we wanted to condense all the best of Italian cuisine into this new format. Based on pasta, we have a collaboration with of Ceccofor pizza with Renato Bosco. The difficulty was to combine the high-quality dishes with a fantastic quality of ingredients, therefore with the collaboration with Parmesan cheese and other great excellences, but with great ease of execution. To give you the opportunity to experience a pleasant break, with quality products and a high level, but very fast service. It is a format created for people on the motorway, currently in Italy, although it has potential also abroad, where they want a quick stop.

How to compose the execution speed and quality of the materials?

Great training work, we have a team that takes care of training and accompanying our store employees in what is the most important element of our work, customer service. We worked mainly through training, there were guests here and they could experience the service in the room, very different from self-service. First, we worked a lot with research and development and wanted to guarantee a perfect al dente and fast-cooked pasta, preparation of sauces and pizza bases. Trying to combine quality with the lightness and speed of the dish.

Recipes that come from all over Italy with regional specifications, even for the decor?

We want to combine the best of Italian gastronomy in an environment that through images and symbols is reminiscent of the variation in our culture, especially for Italian customers, but also for foreign customers traveling on the highway. Space, the environment of Amore, occupies the three Italian geographical areas, which we have tried to densify with some symbols: the Nordic countries linked to design, the Center to the trattorias and the South to majolica. To let the customer experience, both from a culinary and interior design point of view, an environment that makes him fall in love with Italy and its food and wine culture, hence the name.

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