Alliance for Culture welcomes three new donor companies

Brescia. Brescia Museums Foundation would like to tell you about the project again Alliance for Culture and the honor of presenting three new key donors, Inox-PA, Phoenix Informatica and Regesta, who have joined the innovative cultural fundraising project conceived by the Foundation: an original public-private partnership model born in 2020 and now recognized at the national level as a “best practice” in the museum panorama.

The Alliance for Culture is the pact between public and private within a medium-term horizon, which enables the Brescia Museums Foundation to strengthen the city’s artistic museum heritage and support major cultural dissemination events.

“The entry of three new members into the Alliance for Culture, the innovative public-private pact already awarded as an innovative model for cultural fundraising, is an extremely encouraging sign of the guarantee of continuity in this experience,” said Francesca Bazoli, President of Brescia Museums Foundation. “One of the key elements of the cultural strategy launched by my presidency is the concretisation of the spirit of the statute of the Brescia Museums Foundation, a model of cultural governance based precisely on the convergence of interests between the public sector and the private sector. world, under the banner of culturally based development of our territories, development recognized as an important driver of citizens’ wider welfare.The remarkable participation of individuals in the Alliance for Culture and the continued entry of new donors gives us hope for the confirmation of This model, which since its inception three years ago saw the city of Brescia as a pioneer in this field “.

“The entry of new donors into the Alliance for Culture confirms the success of this approach to a real project sharing between the Brescia Museums Foundation institution and the individuals who are part of this network,” said Stefano Karadjov, Director of the Brescia Museums Foundation. “To support the cultural initiatives of the Brescia Musei so that they can truly perform in terms of success, quality and resonance, whether it be an exhibition, an editorial activity, an outdoor cinema or a series of conferences on the museum system: in this way it participates private sector in the fund’s main improvement actions, the extraordinary ones that give greater impetus in the planning of the Brescia Musei by assisting the municipality and the other founding bodies of the Brescia Musei, which guarantee regular activities, continuous use of the museum and improvement of related services. A virtuous model who, in these two years of application, has seen us witness its function in over thirty national tables, interested in understanding how to copy this satisfactory public-private connection in other territories.

The membership format is based on the idea that the costs of the regular activities and the operation of the museums are guaranteed by the concession that is in place between Brescia municipality and the Brescia Musei Foundation, while the partners in Alleanza per la Cultura contribute to the activities extraordinary events and organization of special initiatives, as well as the conversion of museum sites.
The cornerstones that the alliance is about are: the board of institutional partners, ie. bodies, foundations, educational and research institutions, representative associations, dedicated to the economic and infrastructural development of the territory and a large group of companies, almost forty, who have grasped the spirit of the project and approved its support, and which are now united in the Donor Club of the Brescia Museums Foundation.
Another key element of the project is the active participation in the city’s museum life. Alliance partners primarily participate in all events of the program and will themselves become animators who organize networking initiatives with their relational networks.
With Inox-PA, Phoenix Informatica and Regesta, 37 entrepreneurial realms in the area have chosen to support the foundation’s activities thanks to this new project, which promises a strong sense of belonging to the history of Brescia culture and the desire to strengthen relations with society even more: contributions in this sector are not new, but the strength of the Alliance has convinced many interlocutors to take the field, making investing in culture an element of corporate social mission.

“Our company has always been sensitive to culture as an ideal meeting place for the local community,” comments Mauro Perotti, CEO of Inox-PA SpA. “We are convinced that economic well-being must also be accompanied by personal and human well-being. The growth of the individual, cultural and spiritual. history into the future with creativity and dynamism, fits into this perspective. “

“I remember as a living image, the first time I saw the Capitol, I was 8 years old, accompanied by my father … I relive that feeling today, and I see in the eyes of my children, who I affectionately call puppies, the same amazement , admiration and interest every time who takes them by the hand along the Via Musei, our historic and beating heart
City, ”says Alessandro Ferrari, co-founder and CEO, Phoenix Informatica. “A few years have passed, many, and in addition to emotions, today there is also the awareness and pride of being able to participate in the Brescia Museum’s Foundations Cultural Alliance, the awareness that we entrepreneurs can strive for, and we also have a duty to actively participate in the life of our city, in an intertwining of alliances and collaborations that can further enhance Brescia’s future “.

“We have joined Alleanza Cultura,” explains Francesco Brunelli, president of Regesta, “because we feel close to our city, and these initiatives make it more vibrant. We were born, raised and studied in Brescia. The first customers to trust us were from Brescia. Today we have the opportunity to return some of what we have received. And in another way, with
initiatives that help people relax, grow, open their minds. All aspects that we also focus on in our company and that are part of our DNA. “

Alliance for Culture is a model that many museums are looking at today, and which in 2021 was awarded the special mention “Networking in Arts” by the eighth edition of the prestigious “culture + business” competition.

“There are not many cities in Italy where the alliance between public and private in favor of cultural heritage and culture has been able to take strong and fruitful roots. Brescia is one of them, says Laura Castelletti, deputy mayor and cultural councilor in Brescia municipality. “Mirror of an enlightened society and entrepreneurship and of open, proactive and inclusive cultural institutions. This alliance shows that a process of identity recognition and civic pride can really be grafted around culture and heritage. A road that we are sure will go even further thanks to the Capital of Culture year 2023 “.

“Alleanza Cultura is a forward-looking project that develops a winning strategy for museum management and which proves capable of attracting high-profile private partnerships,” said Brescia Mayor Emilio Del Bono. “To meet the challenges of the coming years, the synergy between public management and the private world is increasingly important. It is not only a matter of meeting economic needs, but also of sharing knowledge and entrepreneurial methods and last but not least of giving local businesses a concrete opportunity to express their sense of belonging and make a fundamental contribution to the cultural development of society. . … For this reason, I also join with great joy and gratitude to Regesta, Inox-PA and Phoenix Informatica, which today are added to the family of companies that have decided to join this important project, conceived and developed by Brescia Museums Foundation “.

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