Acqui Award: The winners are Federico Tosi and Corina Surdu

(Acqui Terme, June 18, 2022) – Federico Tosi and Corina Surdu won the Acqui Incisione Award and the Acqui Giovani Award, respectively, the coveted awards for the fifteenth edition of the Acqui Terme Engraving Biennale. The event, organized by the association of the same name and sponsored by the Rotary Club Acqui Terme, the Piedmont region and the municipality of Acqui Terme took place in the suggestive Piazza della Bollente on Saturday 18 June.

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Federico Tosi is an artist specializing in graphic art, especially in engraving and sculpture. Originally from the province of Parma, he completed his academic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he graduated in graphic arts. He has participated in several national and international collective exhibitions. In 2019, he was a finalist at the Acqui Terme Biennale, won the Monsummano Terme International Biennial of Engraving and received a scholarship from the Foundation for the Study of Graphics “il Bisonte” in Florence. In 2018, together with three other artists, he created the exhibition space “Sottosuolo” in Bologna. In 2017, he won the national engraving competition “Fibrenus – Carnello cArte ad Arte”, organized by the Carnello Culture Workshop in Frosinone province. Tosi lives and works in the capital Emilia-Romagna.

The winning work is part of the “Presenze” series. “The main topic – says Federico Tosi, winner of the Acqui Incisione award – it is drawn, experienced not only as a trace or as a means of constructing an image, but as a real element that considers it in its formal reality as the bearer of memories and emotions. The characters produced are the result of an inner movement, of an impulse that brings sensations and moods with it at a given moment. Inside them, in a gesture that binds the mind to the hand, are enclosed the memories, the memory and the experience that made me who I am. For me, it consists of giving that form in visualizing a part of the experience. This is how the sign is transformed into a track that testifies to the passage of time and the spatial dimension. The intention is to concretize these traces and expose them, as if they were real objects, to the changes generated by light and shadow. The sign therefore becomes part of the space, the light hits it, shapes its structure and brings its details to the surface, projecting the shadow, which is perceived as an intangible entity, giving materiality to the intangible. The result is a snapshot of the unconscious born of the spontaneity and freshness of the moment“.

The Acqui Giovane Award in the fifteenth edition of the Acqui Terme Engraving Biennale went to Corina Surdu. Born in Moldova, after the artistic maturity at Igor Vieru Academic High School of Plastic Arts in Chisinau, she graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 2015. The same year she continued her master’s studies at the Academy, enrolling in the two-year graphic course and collaboration on the technical support activity for the laboratory. In 2016, he started a series of collaborations for William Kentridge’s Triumphs and Laments project at the Teverterno Cultural Association in Rome, Atelier Museum / The Tale and the experience of the arts, workshop curated by Pier Luigi Berto at the Museums Capitoline. In 2017, following the exhibition “Antico Presente L’Accademia draws” at the Vatican’s Gregorian Museum, three of his works became part of the Vatican Museums’ private collection. In 2018, he completed his master’s studies with the thesis “Beyond the form”, under the guidance of Professor Marina Bindella and held his first solo exhibition with the title of the same name curated by Pier Luigi Berto and Francesca Longo at the Chiaroscuro Gallery. After his academic career, he participated in various competitions and gained considerable international recognition. Surdu, who lives and works in Rome, sums up his winning work as follows: “In the middle II is the attempt to stick together on the naturalistic date and the imaginative transformation“.

The evening of the award ceremony, conducted by Emanuela Folliero, ended with an applause concert by the orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan under the direction of Maestro Alberto Mandarini.

Until July 3, the Palazzo Robellini in the center of Acqui Terme will exhibit the 19 works selected by the jury consisting of masters Mario Benedetti, Elisabetta Diamanti and Alzek Misheff.

Editorial Giorgio Mondadori this year edited the publication and dissemination of the catalog, which presents a selection of over 80 works among the participants in what has now become one of the most important international events dedicated to engraving.

The Acqui Terme Biennale, established over 30 years ago, has actually hosted over 5,000 artists from 70 countries around the world, and the 2022 edition, following the suspension due to the pandemic, has amassed 240 adhesions, confirming itself as a worldwide reference competition for this ancient and fascinating art.

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The International Engraving Biennial makes use of the contributions of Rotary Club Acqui Terme, District 2032 of Rotary International, Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, Santero 958, CTE, CETIP, Istituto Nazionale Tributaristi, Banca d’Alba, Banca Generali, Fratelli Erodio, Brus Service, Pompe Garbarino.

Above: Acqui Giovani 2022 Award – from left: Luca Lamanna, Emanuela Folliero, Corina Surdu

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On the front: Acqui Incisione 2022 Award – from left – Luca Lamanna, Emanuela Folliero, Federico Tosi

Above: Corina Surdu – In the middle II

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