100 for maturity: The school technology initiative is underway. What pedagogical reasons?

There maturity 2022returned to the traditional structure after two years of pandemic, is on the starting line as well as the traditional initiative organized by Skoleteknik, now in its eleventh edition, dedicated to graduates who achieve the best results.

In particular 100 at expiration addresses all the fifth-year students from Italian colleges who will report one score of 100/100 at the state exam 2022, with or without praise.

Thing 100 at expiration and how it goes

The students graduates with 100 or 100 cum laude at the matriculation examination who want to give visibility to their brilliant result, can send us a picture of them that will be published in the photo gallery on centister of School technology, on our portal tecnicadellascuola.it and since last year, on our social profiles, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our editorial staff will periodically update the gallery until the deadline set July 20, 2022.

Instructions for attending

To participate in the eleventh edition of 100 at expiration you have to write to [email protected] by sending the following data:

  • name and surname of the student who obtained the grade 100 or 100 cum laude on the high school diploma
  • name and address of school, class and department
  • picture of the scoreboard for the final results (jpg format)
  • reference telephone number (for editorial use only)
  • photo of the student (1080 × 1080 pixels)
  • permission to publish

The report (documented as described above) can be sent to School technology by parents, but also by the student himself (if of age).

An easier way

Write to [email protected] by sending the following materials:

  • PARTICIPATION SCHEME (duly completed in all parts, including the permission to process data)
  • Photo of the scoreboard for the final results (jpg format)
  • Student photo (1080 × 1080 pixels)

Choose the appropriate form, between the two to be followed, print it, fill it out, sign it and send it back to the email specified as a scan or as a photo:



As has happened in previous years, we will only publish the names of those who send the complete documentation.

Attend school

Even school leaders or teachers can participate by showcasing the excellence of their school: Simply collect the photographic material and the participants’ permits (you can also use our forms) and send everything to the e-mail: [email protected].

Take care of privacy

It is important to emphasize that the data transmitted will be processed in accordance with the European Regulation (GDPR 2016/579) and the personal data protection code (Legislative Decree 196/2003).
For this reason to participate in 100 at expiration it is necessary that the student’s parent or the person who takes the place of or the student himself, if he is already of legal age, gives his consent to the publication of the pictures and the processing of personal data (as indicated on the participation form).

Personal data will be securely removed in accordance with our data retention and deletion rules by 16 September 2022.

To find out more, visit our GDPR information page.

Why such an initiative? What pedagogical reasons?

The philosophy of School technology is clear: for years we have been talking about spaciousness in school, to strengthen diversity and pedagogical-didactic awareness of fragility. For us, inclusion does not stop there, but also translates into sufficient improvement of expertise.

We remember that too the subject of improvement of excellence was introduced by Act 1 of 11 January 2007 and is after an initial trial phase now regulated by Legislative Decree 262 of 29 December 2007explains the same Ministry of Education, which through the roll of honor established at the national level, collects the names of deserving students to give them visibility and financial prizes.

The importance of social identity

Celebrating profits by choosing an image to be published in a shared gallery, which can then be relaunched on social networks, is an opportunity for young people to become more aware in building their social identity.

Equality (Equality)

And there is more, because we also like to focus on the gender issue. In education for equality, it seems to make room for girls ‘innumerable academic successes (often superior, numerically compared to boys’) a plastic way of remembering that women still today take on subordinate roles in the light of a successful school career. in companies and receiving inadequate salaries, a sign that their profits are underestimated compared to their male counterparts.

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