Where to swim in Procida: the most beautiful beaches in the Capital of Culture 2022

Clear water and dark sand, slightly more double than normal sand, reminiscent of the island’s volcanic origins

Procida is the smallest, but perhaps the most beautiful, of the three islands in the Gulf of Naples and has always been the least crowded compared to nearby Ischia and Capri. In year 2022 Procida is the cultural capital of Italy and on the island there are many initiatives not to be missed. These days, for example beautiful “Palinuro” training ship from the Italian Navy, which can be visited free with an interesting exhibition.

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If you plan to visit the island, it can be easily reached ferries or hydrofoils from the ports of Naples and Pozzuoli, but also from the island of Ischia, all boats always arriving at the port of Marina Grande dominated by Terra Murata Fortress or Palazzo D’Avalosand full of beautiful colorful houses and with a typical architecture on the island.

The beaches on the island of Procida are very beautiful, always bathed in clear water and with one dark sand and a little more double than the normal sand it remembers the volcanic origin of the island: the beaches of Procida are generally not big, but it is worth going there and swimming in the always beautiful sea. For this year, the buses on the island are free.

Marina Grande and the beaches of Sirulenza and Lingua

The Marina Grande area is the city’s main port and commercial area, where there are many shops and restaurants, and from which the roads depart to reach the whole island. A few steps from Marina Grande is Sirulenza beach, a beach for families with children with bathing establishments and various services. with bar-restaurants accessible to all and easily accessible on foot. On the opposite side of Silurenza beach is there La Lingua beach which is located to the left of the small port Marina Grande and does not have the typical dark sand but only has pebbles and deeper bottom than the other beaches The beach can be reached both from via Rome but also with panoramic stairs from via Bartolomeo Pagano.

Corricella Beach

It’s the beach that lies in most beautiful and characteristic place on the islandin the colorful fishing village Corricella with its small harbor, fishing boats and its 18th century architecture, with the small colored houses arranged a degrading Christmas crib towards the sea. Corricella beach it is sandy and can only be reached on foot by following the stairs leading to the sea. What will leave you breathless is the village made of low and very colorful houses in a different way with many restaurants and typical bars. From the port you can walk and take the ascent to Terra Murata and then, once you reach the upper part of the village of Corricella, you can only walk down through the characteristic streets.

Chiaia beach in the center of the island

There Chiaia beach it is the most protected from the wind due to the natural design of Chiaia Bay, which protects and protects it. It is of fine sand with the sun until late and a beautiful view of the large castle Terra Murata. It is located in the center of the island and can be reached via about 180 steps which starts from an alley near Piazza Olmo and is almost completely free with only two bathing establishments and a restaurant. From the port of Marina Grande you can take the small bus to Marina di Chiaolella and get off, halfway through, at Piazza Olmo.

Chiaiolella or Ciraccio beach

The beach with the marina of Chiaiolellais located on the other side of the island from Marina Grande near magnificent island of Vivara, a natural oasis not accessible to the public. Chiaiolella Beach is famous for its proximity to the marina and there are also many tourist facilities. It is a very large beachand equipped with various bathing establishments and the long beach is called Ciraccio beach and there are also campsites nearby.

The long beach overlooks the island of Vivara and Ischia and has shallow water with a beautiful Mediterranean scrub behind and is very popular and full of sun. In the area there are various companies and hotels. The area can be reached from the port of Marina Grande by taking the small bus to Marina di Chiaiolella.

Pozzo Vecchio or Postino beach

In a small bay, in the shape of a horseshoe, there is a small beach called Pozzo Vecchio beach, but it is perhaps better known as Postino beach because some scenes in the last movie with Massimo Troisi were filmed there. It’s almost completely free with a small area with a small business. It can be reached by buses departing from the port of Procida di Marina Grande towards the cemetery and then continuing on foot for 15/20 minutes.

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