“Too many did not show up in class”

TREVISO – “The Covid emergency has weighed on the students. Teaching as well as other distance learning have made their foundation more fragile. But not only. Gods have also appeared behavior beyond lines which shows a loss of respect for the community. “That is the analysis made of Chairman Emanuela Pol in front of the boards with the year-end ofPlanck Institute of Lancenigo. In the technical there has been 90 rejected (out of about 900 subscribers). Half of the first two years. The comparison with the time before Covid shows that rejected children have increased by 4%. “After the automatic promotions that were decided after the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 and after the measures taken last year, the leader explains, the weaknesses have now emerged”. Especially this time 14 students were arrested for too much absence. A year that has actually been thrown away: it can not be counted even for the compulsory schooling. “At one point, some could no longer stand and completely pulled the oars in a particular Pol boat, there was nothing to do. It is a sign that there are also difficulties in families. We must take this into account ».

That Planck Gymnasiuminstead he rained 15 rejected out of 300. A number in line with the average. The image is not changed by scrolling through the scoreboard for this year inBest Institute of Treviso. Out of 980 registered there were 81 failed. And for the first time, several young people, exactly 19 years old, were stopped in their first year: 11 at the business address and 8 at the social and health address. “It is the data that worries us the most,” explains President Renata More, “the reform of the professional sphere had emphasized the cohesion of the two-year period. Also for this reason, too many errors are never registered in the first year. But this time we stood in front of some guys who had not in the least acquired the necessary skills. Some have never participated themselves’.

The reflections are in line with those coming out of Planck. “The point is, we saw one among some of the boys in the class total demotivation the leader spreads his arms out probably means that students have not seen much to the school desks for the last two years due to distance learning. Now a deep reflection is needed. Subsequently, in the second year of Besta, there were 25 rejected: 15 on the commercial and 10 on the social health. In the third 19: 7 for the commercial and 12 for the health and social care. In the fourth, where also those arriving from Cfp with the three-year qualification are included, there were 18 rejected: 14 in the advertisement (in one class in particular, 1 in 3 was stopped) and 4 in the fourth. the social and health sector. For all this, there are finally 120 young people with one, two or three debts. Especially in math and English. And from 7 July, we will already start with the averting courses.

All in all, it turns out that distance learning has already created a trail from middle school. Especially among those who have been forced to follow a good portion of the second and third at a distance. And now the results are seen in high school. Students who were already good got it even better, while those who struggled had it even more difficult. This trend is also confirmed by the results of Canova’s classical and linguistic high school in Treviso. Here, 40% of the 1,350 students finished the year with an average of over 8. The very good ones have increased by more than 6% compared to before Covid. 7% also have an average even higher than 9. On the other hand, the number of errors has increased. At Canova, they’ve never been in the rain. But this time the boys from first did not go busy to second from 3 to 5.5%. That means 16 guys you want to repeat the year. The total number, in turn, speaks of 27 rejected students. While 18% have debts to recover.

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