the votes serve to get back in the game

Serena no longer expected it, she had asked the teacher several times to give her the opportunity to get the negative character in the story back, but the teacher had always answered her no and stressed that another question was useless, now he had a clear assessment about her, he had not yet understood what was the way of studying, he repeated everything by heart without understanding.

After several unsuccessful attempts by Serena to be questioned, the professor had one morning walked into the classroom and told everyone, “Some of you have repeatedly asked me to be questioned to get the negative character in the story back, and I have always told them I thought and last question was useless.I thought about it and thought about it so yesterday one of you said to me that she would be questioned because she wanted to show me that she understood , what I asked her for, i.e. a way of studying and not a mnemonic repetition of historical information.This made me think, so I decided to re-interrogate the one who wants it, but what I am interested in is that “see if you understand that I want you to be able to take a personal and also critical approach to the story. So it’s okay, tell me in these last days of school who wants to be asked!”

Luca held out his hand and asked him how he assigned the final grade. “Prof” Luca had said “do you add up the grades and the average? Is that what it does? I have 5.7”.

“None!” the teacher replied “I do not do this, I do not do the pure numerical sum, I also look at the path that has been made, the improvements in the preparation and above all the progressive personalization that each of you has achieved in study. That is to say. , that two boys may have 5.7, but the value they express may be different.For example, you may have 5.7, but if you have gradually improved from September to today, for me that 5.7 is 6, another may have 5.7, but as a result of a path where at some point it has no longer studied, so that 5.7 for me is not 6. I do not know if I have explained myself, “What I value is a path. For this reason, today I agree to ask you again. So let’s start.”

Serena was happy that in the afternoon she had told the center’s volunteers where she should get help.

“Well,” replied Mauro, “so you want to be asked? But did you understand what your teacher wants?”

“I want you to help me, because I know he wants me to make the arguments my own, he wants me to understand them and also knows how to make my judgments, but I struggle, I do not care about the story! ”

“Well, Serena” the volunteer had said to her “it’s not like you can invent something today that you have neglected all year but we can do something.”

“But you should understand that I, like my comrades, have actually lost two years, the pandemic has affected me, it was enough to know four things. Now you can not jump to a higher level, it is clear that I can not . “

“Yes, but from what you have reported about your teacher, it seems that he is available to help you and that he understands the difficulty you are in. So that he will assess a path and not “We’re making a clear sum of votes, that’s very positive. So thanks to this new opportunity for questioning, we’re taking a step forward.”

“Yes, I’m in!” Serena had said “but she must help me, she must show me the steps I must take.”

“Of course,” replied Mauro, “the first thing is that you are there, put your whole self at stake. You have a teacher who wants to reach you, let you discover by putting something of you. Okay, and let’s now get started. “

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