The call from three children sent to the family home: “We catch without punishment, we want mom and dad”

“My birthday present?” Pass it on with my family “. Marco (the name is fictitious) turns 15 today and he hoped until the very end that it Youth law gave him permission to leave the nursing home, where he was imprisoned with his sixteen-year-old sister (the only girl in Sarno structure) and to little brother of twelve. They have no convictions, they are there by decision of a judge who took them away from their parents after a trip with a psychologist. It all happened just before Easter. “For the holidays we went home, but without sleeping,” says Marco. Saturday morning they came to pick us up and in the evening they took us back to the family home, the same on Sunday. After we had no more permits ».

The tone of voice is lost, on the verge of despair. But she knows she has to be strong for her sister and especially for her little brother. “He’s the one who worries me the most. He cries often, wants to go home, refuses to do activities. He goes through a deep trauma. I have to be close to him at night. I have to be strong for him.” But what did these three children do? “Nothing criminally relevant. They are at the center of protocols that often leave the feeling of humanity.” We are like prisoners without punishment, “says Marco. And he is right. Because in that facility there are several minors who serve sentences , and who enjoy more permits than the three brothers have. And that’s not all. “They say my family does not take care of the house … Since we arrived, we have lived in a room with mold and moisture, and they did nothing. When we said it smelled, they asked us to open the windows and sleep with the door open. ” They come from Spanish Quarter.

Parents underwent a course of evaluation and strengthening of parenting competencies. Therefore, minors are sent to a path of psychological support, with inclusion in education and training projects that suit their needs. Up to family home. According to the technical reports, “criticalities and dysfunctions in the family still exist”. L‘Asl he summoned the parents to take responsibility, but the latter refused to attend, and even in the subsequent meetings arranged, they did not show up. The crux of the matter was the school. Marco attended for a few days at the beginning of this school year and showed little interest, the sixteen-year-old girl was absent from December 2021 after always having irregular attendance. “My sister was close to my father, who underwent surgery – explains Marco – My older brothers work, my mother works in a cleaning company, my father is a night watchman. How can they say they can not take care of us? ‘

Anyway Right has ordered suspension of custody of the couple. In a report, we read that in the summer of 2018, Marco had been placed in a multifunctional residential center in Marechiaro. At that place, an argument broke out on August 27 between the boy, who was then 11 years old, and other guests. In that quarrel, Marco had reacted by twisting and “threatening to throw stones and any other object at his immediate availability in the direction of his classmates and teachers.” An episode that in the same relationship is defined as isolated, “perhaps alarmed over the distance, for the first time, from home”. For an 11-year-old, being away from his parents is like mourning. The parents, after learning what had happened, were amazed, considering Marco the least turbulent of their children, and in fact he is described in the same report as a thin child with polite manners. The story quickly swelled and the three boys ended up in a real meat mincer. “We made a little mess at school, we had lively but not violent reactions – says Marco – After what happened at school we went to the social worker to talk, who said:” If you are good, we will give you permission “. We had only one ».

They are not detained and can call the family. But this was also disputed. An internal report from the institute states that “during these two months of stay in the structure, the minors exhibited good behavior mixed with moments of tension; they complied with the rules which society had introduced without special complaints, they cooperated in the activities without excessive resistance ». In the relationship, the strong bond between the brothers and the father is noted, considered “very present”. “It was difficult to form an alliance with minors precisely because of the sometimes awkward presence of the father, who mediated any activity of the children by telephone. The use of mobile phones has also been reduced, but without success.” attached to his children.Too much love.

“It’s paradoxical,” said the lawyer Massimo Capasso, lawyer and director of the listening center for Sant’Antonio Abate which the family of the three minors approached – but if they had had a security measure, they would already be home by now. When a tax measure does not have a ratio, it becomes a pursuit measure. That’s some justice. Not to mention that the guardian, the one who is to exercise custody, the boys have never met them. I request that inspectors be sent to verify these procedures. I do not believe in the arrogance of the violent, but in the silence of the honest. He said so Martin Luther King“.

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